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What Happens to an Ex-Tenant's Abandoned Stuff?

When they have more things than they have space for, many individuals choose to rent a storage unit. However, taking advantage of self-storage in Mountain View, CA can also offer people a way to avoid losing their belongings when they need to move out of a rental property. Continue reading to learn what can happen when an ex-tenant abandons his or her stuff.

Abandoned Property What Happens to Abandoned Stuff in storage units?

The laws regarding the handling of a former tenant’s abandoned belongings can vary by situation and from state to state. For example, in some states, the laws for handling abandoned stuff can differ depending on whether the tenant left with or without notice. Additionally, in many locations, the situation that caused the tenant to leave can impact what can be done with abandoned items.

State Laws

In California, ex-tenants must claim their property within a specific timeframe. Otherwise, it is considered abandoned. If the ex-tenant does demand the return of his or her property in time, then they may need to pay a fee for the transportation or storage of the belongings. If you are concerned about claiming the items that you have left behind at a rental unit, then learn about your state laws or consult a lawyer. Alternatively, if you are planning to move out of your current rental unit but do not have a place to keep your stuff, then renting a self-storage unit may offer you an answer.

Storage Solutions

A self-storage rental unit is a space that someone can rent and use to store things like clothing, sports gear, furniture, and equipment. These rental spaces come in various sizes and offer storage solutions for people who need to move to a new home, downsize what they own, or simply keep their property safe. For these reasons, storage rentals can be great options for individuals who need to move out of their home but can’t take their stuff with them. To help avoid the chance of losing your belongings due to abandonment, consider taking advantage of a self-storage facility in your area.

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