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Quick Tips for Planning Your Move Overseas

Living in another country is an enriching experience like no other, but getting there can be a logistical nightmare. Moving overseas is also expensive. Instead of trying to ship most of your stuff to ...
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Self-Storage Basics

Not all storage options in Sunnyvale, CA are the same, but there are some guidelines that tend to apply to self-storage as a whole. Following these guidelines will help to keep your belongings safe, ...
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Smart Lifting Strategies

When you’re moving items into a storage unit in Mountain View, CA, it’s important to lift boxes properly to avoid back injuries. Don’t let your move turn into a literal pain in the ...
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How to Cut Clutter by Renting a Storage Unit

If your household is like many others, you may find that it seems to naturally accumulate clutter and excess belongings. To clear out the clutter in your home once and for all, it is a great idea to ...
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Three Signs You Could Benefit from Self-Storage

There are many benefits that come with self-storage near Sunnyvale, CA, such as increased protection of your belongings. However, you may not realize that you need the benefits of a storage unit until ...
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Tips for Maintaining a Pest-Free Storage Unit

It is crucial that your storage unit in Mountain View, CA remain pest-free, because it protects your items and those in the surrounding storage units. In addition to using a clean storage unit, you ...
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Answering Your Questions About Self-Storage

If you have been considering different storage options in Sunnyvale, CA, then you may have some questions about renting a self-storage unit. Storage rental company managers often receive questions ...
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Simple Home Decluttering Tips

When you are getting ready to move or expand your family, you may need to make more space. Decluttering your home and using a temporary storage rental near Sunnyvale, CA are great ways to make more ...
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Why It's Beneficial to Have a Ground Level Storage Unit

When you are seeking a storage rental company in Sunnyvale, you will want to find a facility that offers ground level storage units. By seeking out a ground level storage unit, you can save yourself ...
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Using Storage to Keep Your Office Organized

For many individuals, everyday life can be busy and hectic, and tight schedules can allow clutter to build up at home and in the office as well. If your office is becoming overrun with items that you ...
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Packing Mistakes to Avoid in Your Storage Unit

Packing is one of the most important steps of moving your belongings into a storage unit. When you take the time to pack and organize your stuff with the utmost care, you will have an easier time ...
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Help Your Senior Loved One Downsize

Moving into an assisted living facility is an important milestone in any person’s life. With special services and access to immediate medical care, assisted living can provide better safety and ...
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What Size Storage Unit Do You Need?

Moving the belongings that you lack space for or use infrequently into a storage unit is a great way to make your home more comfortable and organized. While you may know that you could benefit from a ...
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Your Step-by-Step Moving Checklist

It is helpful to have a moving checklist, whether you are moving down the street or to another city. This checklist can help you keep track of your storage options, moving company, and everything else ...
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Tips for Downsizing

There are several reasons to downsize your home. College-aged kids are moving away, you are looking for something inexpensive, or you realized that your family does not need that much space. No matter ...
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A Look at Some Moving Mistakes That You Should Be Sure to Avoid

Moving from house to house, or business space to business space, can potentially be stressful and unpleasant, especially if you’re not properly prepared. If you’re planning a move, be sure ...
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How to Load a Moving Truck

If you need to transport your belongings to a new home or a ground level storage unit near Mountain View, one of the most economical options is to rent a moving truck. However, it is important to know ...
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Preparing Your Vehicle for the Storage Unit

Did you know that you shouldn’t engage the parking brake when you place your car in storage? At Stowit Mini Storage, a reputable storage facility near Sunnyvale, we offer long-term vehicle ...
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