• What to Consider Before Buying a Tiny Home

    Not everyone needs a giant house to feel successful or accomplished. There’s nothing wrong with wanting a big house, but tiny homes are trending because of the unique advantages they offer. Smaller spaces are easier to maintain and thus more efficient, saving you money and protecting the environment. Think about how your home life is […]

  • Using Storage to Simplify Your Move

    A move is typically thought of as the perfect time to sort through one’s possessions and donate, sell, or discard unwanted items. But making these decisions can take a while, especially if the items have sentimental value. Instead, you can use temporary storage available in Sunnyvale, CA, to simplify your move. You can use your […]

  • How to Prevent Stored Clothing from Yellowing

    https://youtu.be/eux08_uzdlg Storage units available in Mountain View, CA, are the perfect solution for cluttered homes. If you have lots of old clothing that you want to keep, but don’t wear often, you can free up valuable closet space by putting it into a storage rental. Before packing up old baby clothes, your wedding dress, and […]

  • Exploring the Benefits of Keeping Your Sensitive Documents in Storage

    Furniture, sports equipment, and baby gear aren’t the only items that can be conveniently stored at a self-storage facility in Mountain View, CA. Businesses, including home businesses and larger companies, can benefit from storing sensitive documents off-site. Storage units are also ideal for individuals who have accumulated important documents, ranging from tax returns to priceless […]

  • 3 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Storage Unit

    Moving your household, organizing a deceased loved one’s possessions, and going away to college—all of these are common reasons to rent self-storage units in Mountain View, CA. Navigating a major life event can be a hectic time, but it’s important not to rush into a storage contract. Take the time to make sure you’re renting […]

  • Preparing Upholstered Furniture for Long-Term Storage

    Long-term storage options offer you an excellent way to hold on to your furniture while freeing up some space at home or going on an extended trip. If you’re interested in renting a storage unit near Mountain View, CA because you need a place to keep some of your furniture, then there are a few […]

  • What Happens to an Ex-Tenant’s Abandoned Stuff?

    When they have more things than they have space for, many individuals choose to rent a storage unit. However, taking advantage of self-storage in Mountain View, CA can also offer people a way to avoid losing their belongings when they need to move out of a rental property. Continue reading to learn what can happen […]

  • Prevent Musty Odors on Your Stored Clothing

    It’s not unusual for clothing to end up smelling less than fresh after being packed away for an extended period. If you’re planning to get a storage rental in Mountain View, CA and plan to keep some of your clothing in the unit, then watch this video for advice on preventing it from developing musty […]

  • Expert Tips for Protecting Your Stored Baseball Card Collection

    When it comes to collecting valuable items like rare baseball cards, proper storage can be essential for preserving their worth. Are you planning to rent a storage unit near Mountain View, CA and would like to keep your baseball card collection in the space along with your other items? If so, then continue reading for […]

  • Stretch Your Way to an Easier Move

    Moving your things into a storage unit in Mountain View, CA requires some physical activity, and you might have to move objects that weigh more than you do. If this is the case, using the proper technique will help protect you from injuries. You can also reduce your risk for physical injuries in general by […]