What Not to Do When Putting Your Belongings into Storage

A storage unit in Mountain View, CA may be just what you need to make your move easier or help you enjoy your home, but there are right and wrong ways to go about moving your belongings. Your storage unit will hold your belongings until you need them, but it’s up to you to transfer them over properly. Remember to leave an aisle so you can access your belongings, pack your items safely and effectively, and plan in advance so you can choose the best storage facility for your needs. Read ahead for more on what not to do when putting your belongings into storage. storage - unit

Forget to Leave an Aisle

It will be tough to use your storage unit efficiently if you can’t actually get to any of your belongings, so you should be cognizant of how you unload your belongings when you get there. If you want to be able to reach whatever you need with ease at any given time, you will need to leave an aisle or some sort of walkway open. This will allow you to get to your things without worrying about knocking over a stack of boxes or tripping over something on the ground.

Pack Improperly

The more careful you are when you pack up your boxes, the more likely your belongings will remain intact when you go back to the storage unit. Packing your boxes improperly is one of the worst things you can do when moving things to a storage unit or moving to a new house. As easy as it can be to go to a grocery store and pick up some empty cardboard boxes, they will not be nearly as effective as a legitimate moving box. Pack your fragile items carefully, using plenty of bubble wrap and packing tape.

Fail to Do Your Research

Choosing a quality storage unit is crucial when putting your belongings into storage. Always do your research so you can find a self-storage unit in your area that has experience in the industry and a long track record of success. Ask for references for proof.

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