Answering Your Questions About Self-Storage

If you have been considering different storage options in Sunnyvale, CA, then you may have some questions about renting a self-storage unit. Storage rental company managers often receive questions about the items that can be stored and the safety of a storage unit. These are common questions posed by consumers like you. Continue reading to learn the answers to your questions about self-storage units. self - storage

Why should I choose self-storage?

There are several reasons to choose a self-storage unit. Keeping your house decluttered and free of large furniture and seasonal items are some of the most important reasons. There is no reason to pack your garage or closets full of boxes when you have a storage rental company down the street. You may also choose temporary storage when out-of-town family stays with you or you are hosting a large party. If you need to create more room in your home, then renting a temporary storage unit is a quick and affordable option.

How safe is my storage unit?

Storage rental companies strive to keep their facilities and individual units as safe as possible. You can rest assured that your storage unit will be completely safe, because only you will have the code to your unit’s individual electronic keypad. In addition to individual safety, the storage facility employs on-site managers who keep a close watch on the security of the entire facility. If you have further concerns about the safety of your items, then you can invest in insurance that will protect your investment in the event of damage or theft.

What items can go in a storage unit?

Almost any item can go into your storage unit. You can store clothing, furniture, kitchen items, decorations, office supplies, and tools. You may not store animals, plants, or food. These items can attract rodents and insects. If you have concerns about what items you can and cannot store, speak with your storage rental company’s manager.

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