Tips for Maintaining a Pest-Free Storage Unit

It is crucial that your storage unit in Mountain View, CA remain pest-free, because it protects your items and those in the surrounding storage units. In addition to using a clean storage unit, you should keep your items safe in hard, plastic containers. Read below for more tips on maintaining a pest-free storage unit. storage - unit

Tip #1: Use Plastic Boxes

Use hard, plastic boxes whenever you store items, whether you use a long-term or temporary storage rental. Rodents can easily penetrate cardboard boxes with their sharp teeth. They will use the cardboard material and your storage as nesting material or food. Pack your clothing, linens, dishware, and knickknacks in hard, plastic containers. Rodents’ teeth cannot penetrate the hard plastic, so your storage items will be safe.

Tip #2: Wrap Upholstered Furniture

Use thick, plastic wrap to protect your furniture and large items that cannot be packed into a plastic container. The plastic wrap will help prevent rodents from crawling over your furniture. This will also prevent damage from rodent urine and feces. Plastic wrap may also deter cockroaches and other pests from crawling on your furniture, which will prevent more damage.

Tip #3: Inspect Storage Items

Ensure that you are not bringing any rodents or insects into your storage unit. Inspect every box, furniture piece, and item that you place in your unit. If there are signs of pest contamination—such as shredded materials, feces, or a distinct smell—then keep these items out of your storage unit. You may unknowingly bring a pest into your storage rental, and this can lead to an infestation of your unit and those surrounding it.

Tip #4: Clean the Storage Unit

Just as you should inspect your own storage items, you should inspect and clean your new storage unit. Check all corners for rodent feces, urine stains, and dead insects. You can clean the unit and spray it down with bug spray or a peppermint oil mixture. These liquids will deter rodents and bugs from entering your storage unit.

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