When to Choose a Drive-Up Access Storage Unit

Once you have chosen to rent a storage unit, you will have different storage options available. Depending on the size of the unit you choose, you may have the choice of a drive-up storage unit near Mountain View, CA. Let’s take a quick look at when you should choose a drive-up access storage unit.

Storage units with drive-up access are much more convenient during a moving process. You can drive your moving truck or a small vehicle in front of your storage unit and quickly unload your furniture and boxes. If you have large furniture or several items to store, then a drive-up storage unit will be the best choice. When you need a temporary storage rental—while you are hosting out-of-town family or a large party—then a drive-up unit will make your future trips much easier. You can easily move in and move out all of your items as you need. Speak with the manager of your storage rental company to learn more about why drive-up storage units are right for you.

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