Avoid These Storage Unit Packing Mistakes

When you decide to move some or all of your stuff into storage, you will inevitably find that the packing process takes a considerable amount of time and effort. In order to make sure that your storage unit is properly organized and easy to navigate, you will need to take considerable care when you are packing your belongings for self-storage . A storage rental company near Mountain View can provide you with tips and supplies that will help you streamline your packing process. To help you start packing up, here are some common storage unit packing mistakes to avoid. moving - boxes

Packing Wet or Dirty Clothes

If you will be putting your clothes into storage, it is very important that you make sure to clean and dry your items before they are placed in boxes or garment bags. When an item of clothing is wet or dirty when it is placed into storage, it could develop mold or attract pests while it sits in the unit. For extra clothing protection, you might consider placing moth balls or cedar sachets in your clothing boxes.

Placing Unlike Items in the Same Box

Packing involves a considerable amount of sorting and organizing. As you place your items into their storage boxes, you will want to make sure that you are pairing similar items together. If you place kitchen utensils in a box that also contains living room decorations, you may have no idea what is inside your box when it eventually comes time to unpack.

Making Boxes Too Heavy

After you pack up your boxes in preparation for a move into a storage unit, you will need to make sure that you are able to lift them with relative ease. Heavy objects, such as books or dishware, should be placed in smaller boxes. These smaller boxes will be much easier to lift and carry when they are completely filled. For more essential storage unit packing tips, be sure to call your local storage unit company.

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