Surefire Strategies for Keeping Pests Out of Your Storage Space

  • Pests—like rodents and cockroaches—are more than a minor nuisance. They can cause a lot of damage and heartache, if they are not kept away from storage units. Rodents can chew through wooden furniture and clothing. Cockroaches and rodents can spread diseases through contact of their feces and urine. These pests should be kept out of your storage unit rental near Mountain View, CA at all costs. Read on for a few strategies that will prevent pests from invading your space.
  • Ensure there are no pests on your items before they are moved into your storage unit. If you do not thoroughly inspect your furniture and boxes prior to moving, then you may unknowingly bring in these pests.
  • Do not bring any living items, such as animals or plants, into your storage unit. Pests will be attracted to the scents and find their way into the unit.
  • Keep all items in airtight containers and cover furniture with hard, plastic tarps. These measures will prevent pests from invading your boxed belongings, since they may have difficulty crawling on plastic tarps.

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