The College Student’s Guide to Sharing a Storage Unit

Sharing a storage unit while in college is a great way to save money and keep furniture and personal belongings safe. Sharing a storage unit should involve trustworthy partners who can dictate and follow simple rules for how to use their storage unit in Mountain View, CA. Here is a quick guide for college students wishing to share a storage unit : storage - unit

Set Ground Rules

It is vital to everyone’s individual storage and future friendships to have a clear set of rules regarding a shared storage unit. Write these rules down, and ensure that everyone sharing the unit has a copy. The rules may dictate the amount of storage each person is allowed to use and when someone is allowed to access the unit. Rules should also include the amount of rent each person is responsible for paying and a list of everyone who will be allowed access to the storage unit.

Determine Individual Space

Part of the storage unit rules should include the square footage that each person is allowed in the unit. If one person requires more space than others, then he should be responsible for more of the rent. College students can also create a simple grid on the floor of their unit using masking tape. This grid will be a physical representation of each person’s available space, and it will keep items separate. This will prevent future confusion or arguments over who had which item.

Divide Rental Payments

Storage unit renters should decide early on how the rent will be paid and who will pay what amount. Some storage rental companies will accept separate payments for one unit. Other companies may only accept a lump payment each month. If it is the latter, then renters should decide who will be responsible for collecting everyone’s payment and how much everyone owes that individual. A simple payment decision can be based on each person’s allotted square footage.

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