Should I Keep Items My Baby Outgrows?

Babies grow so fast that it could seem like your little one is outgrowing something new every day. The question most parents have once babies outgrow items is what to do with them. In many cases, there are advantages to keeping baby items, especially if you free up space at home by putting them in a storage unit in Mountain View . Here are some tips for dealing with your pile of outgrown baby gear. baby - items

To Keep or Not to Keep

If you think that you will be having more children in the future, then keeping baby items is a no-brainer. You’ll be pleased to have hand-me-downs to help you mitigate the expense of a new baby when your next child comes along. Hold on to clothing that is in good condition, free of stains, rips, and other damage. You can also hang on to toys, bouncy chairs, and other things your baby uses but eventually leaves behind. Get rid of anything that is damaged, as you’re unlikely to want to make repairs when you pull it out of the storage unit for your next child.

Preparing Items for Storage

Before you put your baby’s items in a storage unit, make sure you have properly prepared them for storage. Toys, feeding items, and other similar items can be packed securely in a box without much preparation, expect for wrapping things that could break. Clothing requires more preparation. Launder all clothing thoroughly, and fold them neatly. Put clothing in protective plastic bags and store the bags in a larger, plastic container. Avoid vacuum-sealed bags for clothing stored in storage units, as they can encourage mold growth.

Before you move your items to storage, make sure everything is labeled clearly, so that it is easy to find when it is time to pull it out again. If you’re storing large amounts of baby items, group them according to their usage. For instance, create a box of board books, a box of feeding items, and a box of clothing, so that you can grab what you need easily.

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