Quick Tips for Planning Your Move Overseas

Living in another country is an enriching experience like no other, but getting there can be a logistical nightmare. Moving overseas is also expensive. Instead of trying to ship most of your stuff to your new home, visit a storage rental company in Mountain View, CA to check out the long-term rates . Self-storage options are far more cost-effective than international shipping. moving - overseas

Register with STEP.

Begin planning your international move as soon as possible. Some people start making arrangements nine to twelve months in advance. One of the first things you should do, as soon as you finalize your departure date, is to register with STEP. STEP is the U.S. State Department’s Smart Traveler Enrollment Program . It’s a free service that alerts the nearest U.S. Embassy to your presence in the foreign country. STEP is like a safety net. It lets you receive important safety alerts, and it allows the U.S. Embassy to contact you in case of an emergency, such as a natural disaster, civil unrest, or a family emergency.

Visit your doctor.

Schedule a check-up with your doctor or a travel medicine specialist, and let him or her know that you’ll be living abroad. Based on your new home’s location, your doctor will determine whether you need any immunizations. You can also receive information about any public health issues that might affect you, such as whether the water is safe to drink.

Take some language classes.

Even if you’re moving to a country where English is widely spoken, you may wish to take some language classes. Learning some basic phrases in French is helpful for relocating to Canada, for example. If English isn’t widely spoken in your new home, consider investing in a private language tutor to speed up your progress.

Rent a long-term storage unit.

Unless you plan to become an expat, there’s no need to ship a lot of your belongings to your new home. Find furnished accommodations, and leave your own furniture in self-storage. Look for a storage rental company that offers discounts for long-term customers who pre-pay. You’ll definitely want to pre-pay your lease, as it might be a hassle to deal with a monthly payment made from abroad. At least a few months before your departure date, start sorting through your belongings, and figure out what to take and what to put into the storage unit.

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