The Dos and Don’ts of Storing Your Comic Book Collection

Your comic book collection might be even older than you are, and it may fetch a pretty penny if you have the right editions. You have storage options in Mountain View, CA, and your diligence can preserve your collection’s value. Use bags for the individual comics and boxes for groups, but remember to keep them organized. Store your boxes off of the ground for extra protection, and if you use a storage unit, make sure it provides the right storage environment. Read ahead for the dos and don’ts of storing your comic book collection.

DO Use Bags and Boxes storing books

The condition of your comics makes all the difference in terms of its value. When you bring your collection to a storage unit, make sure each comic has its own bag. This helps keep each one in its current condition, so it’ll still be mint when you return for it. If you have a large collection, you can file your comics into boxes. Along with comic bags, simple storage boxes should be enough to keep your collection safe. However, you shouldn’t stack the boxes up too high. They might crumble over time, damaging the boxes that are lower in the stack. They could also fall over and spill your collection all over the floor.

DON’T Store on the Floor

You might think your comics will be safe if they start off on the floor, because that way they can’t fall down. The bad news is that the floor of your basement, garage, or storage unit can become a hazard when there’s a leak. If you have a flood or a plumbing leak and water spreads across the floor, it will damage the boxes and ruin your comics. Plan for the worst and stack the boxes up on milk crates to add some separation.

DO Consider the Environment

The environment where you store your comic books impacts the condition they’ll be in when you return. Make sure the storage unit you choose is clean and well-maintained, and consider the temperature of the space before you leave your beloved comics there.

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