3 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Storage Unit

Moving your household, organizing a deceased loved one’s possessions, and going away to college—all of these are common reasons to rent self-storage units in Mountain View, CA. Navigating a major life event can be a hectic time, but it’s important not to rush into a storage contract. Take the time to make sure you’re renting the right unit from the right storage rental company by considering the following factors:

The Size of the Storage Unit Self Storage Unit in Mountain View

People usually rent the smallest storage unit possible to save a few bucks on the monthly rental bill. This is a mistake, especially if you plan to visit your belongings periodically to take items out. Cramming the unit full of stuff from floor to ceiling doesn’t leave you any room to move around. This means if you need an item that is out of your reach while you’re standing at the door of the unit, you’ll have to move the rest of your belongings out of the storage unit just to access it. A smarter way to use self-storage is to rent a unit that’s a size larger than the size you think you’ll need. While loading your belongings into it, put the larger items, such as the furniture, at the back. Leave a couple of aisles that extend from the door all the way to the back of the unit. You’ll thank yourself later when you’re able to easily find and extract the items you need.

The Security of the Storage Rental Facility

The security of the facility you choose is a major factor to consider, whether or not you’re storing valuable items in your unit. Would-be thieves have no idea what’s inside a unit before they break into it, and so the lack of valuable items isn’t much of a deterrent. Upon breaking in, burglars might decide to vandalize your possessions, even if they don’t steal any of them. Before you rent a unit, make sure the facility has a reliable security system. Each unit should be individually controlled with an electronic keypad, and ideally, the facility should have onsite managers each day.

The Quality of the Customer Service

The quality of the customer service can make a big difference for your storage rental experience. Helpful management staff will go above and beyond to address your concerns and answer your questions. Another component of good customer service is having customer-friendly policies, such as no minimum stay, prorated refunds, and flexible billing and payment options.

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