Exploring the Benefits of Keeping Your Sensitive Documents in Storage

Furniture, sports equipment, and baby gear aren’t the only items that can be conveniently stored at a self-storage facility in Mountain View, CA. Businesses, including home businesses and larger companies, can benefit from storing sensitive documents off-site. Storage units are also ideal for individuals who have accumulated important documents, ranging from tax returns to priceless family history records.

Off-site storage frees up valuable commercial and home storage space.

Cluttered homes and office spaces are time-wasters. If you’ve ever spent a few frustrating hours looking for something, and having to sort through a mountain of irrelevant paperwork to find it, then off-site storage is the right solution for you. Pack up and store sensitive documents at a commercial storage rental space to open up your onsite storage areas. You’ll start saving time and reducing frustration right away.

Storing private documents in a Mountain View storage unit

Off-site storage keeps your sensitive documents safe.

Perhaps the number one priority regarding sensitive documents is security, especially if those documents are your personal tax returns or the confidential information of your company’s clients. The law requires some professionals to retain certain records for a set period of time. For instance, healthcare providers and lawyers must maintain certain confidential records, and storing these documents onsite can be risky. Instead, you can gain peace of mind by using an off-site storage rental company with a top-notch security system.

Off-site storage could save you money each month.

Keeping your sensitive documents at a storage facility can reduce your company’s overhead. Paperwork takes up a lot of space, and some companies even have dedicated archive rooms. These rooms could be put to better use, such as by being turned into office spaces for new employees to accommodate the company’s growth. Instead of renting a larger commercial building than you really need, you can simply use one or two secure storage units to house the business’ sensitive paperwork.

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