How to Prevent Stored Clothing from Yellowing

Storage units available in Mountain View, CA, are the perfect solution for cluttered homes. If you have lots of old clothing that you want to keep, but don’t wear often, you can free up valuable closet space by putting it into a storage rental. Before packing up old baby clothes, your wedding dress, and other sentimental clothing items, watch this handy tutorial on storing clothes properly to prevent yellow discoloration.

This home expert advises against using plastic bins to store clothing, as these containers can trap chemicals that cause discoloration over time. Instead, she recommends using archival storage boxes. First, launder all of the clothing on the double rinse cycle, and make sure it’s fully dry. Then, fold the clothing and wrap each individual piece in archival tissue paper, which is acid-free. Place the clothing in the archival storage boxes, and add a couple of layers of tissue paper on top. Then, you may add cedar chips, silica gel packets, or mothballs on top before packing the box away in your storage unit.

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