Using Storage to Simplify Your Move

Use storage units to simplify your move A move is typically thought of as the perfect time to sort through one’s possessions and donate, sell, or discard unwanted items. But making these decisions can take a while, especially if the items have sentimental value. Instead, you can use temporary storage available in Sunnyvale, CA, to simplify your move. You can use your storage shed rental to safely hold furnishings and possessions until after you’ve moved all of the essential items into your new home. Then, take all the time you need to sort through the items in temporary storage.

Self-storage is also a great option for military families who may move every few years. Before a long-distance deployment, some military families try to sell or donate major household items like furniture and appliances. The problem with this is that deployment orders are sometimes changed unexpectedly, and then the family must purchase new household furnishings. Temporary storage units are the perfect solution for families on the move.

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