Maximizing Your Storage Space

Choosing to move your extra belongings into a storage unit is a smart way to improve the function and comfort of your home. If you’re planning on taking advantage of self-storage in Mountain View, CA , creating a strategy will help you get the most out of your rental. Use these tips to maximize your rented storage space: storage - unit

Choose a unit size.

The first step in getting the most out of your storage unit is to choose a size that suits your needs. It’s not uncommon for people to over or underestimate what they will require, so take your time in deciding what you want to store and how much room the items will occupy. Also, if you plan to retrieve boxes or furnishing from the unit now and then, be sure that you choose a rental size that allows you easy access to each of your stored belongings.

Map out a plan.

Next, plan what will go where in your unit and what items you will box up together. If you show up at your storage rental and begin adding furniture to the boxes without a strategy, you are likely to end up with wasted space and a confused mess. Also, if you will be storing large belongings and furniture, draw a diagram of the unit and map out where these items will go.

Pack and label boxes.

After creating a plan, you’ll be ready to begin packing. Take the time to box items together that you’re likely to need simultaneously, such as various holiday decorations, summer pool gear, or types of sporting equipment. Before taping up your boxes, provide each of them with a descriptive label that’s easily visible and on multiple faces.

Stick to the plan.

As much as is possible, move your items into the storage unit while adhering to your original plan. This will help you fit all of your boxes and furniture in more easily and to retrieve them with a minimal amount of hassle when necessary.

Your Step-by-Step Moving Checklist

It is helpful to have a moving checklist, whether you are moving down the street or to another city. This checklist can help you keep track of your storage options , moving company, and everything else you need before you move. Keep your moving checklist with you as you prepare your possessions for the move into your new house and your storage unit in Sunnyvale, CA. moving - checklist

One to Two Months Before the Move

Though it may feel like most of the work is done on moving day, plenty of preparation needs to be done in the months before you move. This is the time to start sorting your items for donating, trashing, and keeping. You will begin to order moving supplies, organize important documents, and make calls to potential moving companies and finding out your storage options.

One Month Before the Move

In the weeks before your move, you will select your movers and storage unit. You will also use this time to start packing and labeling as many of your possessions as possible. If you have access to your storage unit or new home, then take advantage of moving small items over when you have free time. Make important calls to credit cards, schools, and insurance companies, and put in a change of address.

One Week Before the Move

You should have already confirmed the arrangements with your moving company and taken off from work for the day of your move. Finish packing everything else that you will not need within the next week or two, and pack suitcases for everything that you will need.

Days Before the Move

Start defrosting the freezer and cleaning countertops and appliances in the days before the move. It is best to reconfirm your movers, your storage unit, and make sure you have the necessary payment for both services.

Day of the Move

As the movers load your boxes and furniture, take inventory of everything as it leaves the house. Check off the items as they enter your new home. This will ensure that nothing is left behind or left in the moving truck.

Preparing for a Major Home Remodel

There are so many tasks to remember as you prepare your home for a major remodel, such as finding a place to store all of your household items. Instead of stressing over finding space, look for temporary storage near Mountain View, CA . With temporary storage, you can feel confident that your items are protected, and your home remodel will go off without a hitch. furniture - storage

Store Valuables

When your home is undergoing a major home remodel, you need to keep your decorations, personal knickknacks, and valuables protected. There is likely to be dust, construction debris, and possible jarring noises that can affect nearby valuables. Keep these items protected against construction by storing them in a temporary storage rental. This will keep your valuables protected from remodeling equipment and other damaging items like paint and wood stains.

Store Furniture

If you are replacing the flooring in your home or knocking out walls to make more room, you will likely need to move most of or all of your furniture somewhere. Instead of stuffing a guest room full of large and heavy furniture, or risking damaging it by being in the vicinity of the remodel, store all of it at a nearby temporary storage facility. You can ensure your new couches, heavy dressers, and expensive television sets will be completely protected in a storage unit and away from the heavy construction. This will also save you a lot of time in the event that you would have to continually move your furniture as the remodel progressed through the house.

Store Appliances

Most appliances will be found in your kitchen or laundry room. If these areas are undergoing a major remodel, then you need someplace to store your appliances like the refrigerator, washing machine, dishwasher, and more. If you have to move these items around your house to keep them away from the construction, you risk damaging the appliances and the rest of your house and flooring. By putting them into temporary storage, you will not risk your appliances or your house.

Your Billing Options at Stowit Mini Storage

When looking for a secure storage rental facility in Mountain View, CA, look for the storage facility that strives to help its clients find the best value. Stowit Mini Storage offers a variety of billing options, as well as greater security for clients looking to rent a storage unit. Keep reading to get a glimpse of exactly what you will find when you choose Stowit Mini Storage.

No matter the length of your stay at Stowit’s secure storage rental facility, you will receive a few different ways of paying for your storage unit rental. This allows for further customization when choosing your storage unit. You do not have to choose a smaller unit because you think you cannot afford the rates for a larger unit; Stowit Mini Storage will work with you to get the best deal to match your storage needs. In addition to several different sizes of storage units, you will find that Stowit’s facility is extremely safe with individual electronic keypads and high-tech security. Billing Options at Stowit Mini Storage

A Look at Some Moving Mistakes That You Should Be Sure to Avoid

Moving from house to house, or business space to business space, can potentially be stressful and unpleasant, especially if you’re not properly prepared. If you’re planning a move, be sure to give yourself plenty of time to flush out the details of your move and to pack. Also, be sure to do your research if you need to rent a self-storage unit in Mountain View to store your things while you’re in between places. In the meantime, here’s a look at some common moving mistakes you should avoid. storage company mountain view

Not Being Prepared for Your Move

It doesn’t matter if you’re moving across the country, across town, or right down the street, you need to be prepared for your move. This means that you should have a concrete plan in place for your move, which includes setting a deadline for packing and cleaning, downsizing, renting a truck or moving company, and making a reservation at a secure storage facility if applicable. Don’t get caught off guard. If you’re unprepared for your move, you are likely to come across problems that could have been prevented with a little planning.

Not Packing Your Things Thoughtfully

Your possessions are valuable to you, so you want to make sure that they survive the move. One common mistake people make when moving is they don’t pay attention to how they’re packing away their things . Find boxes or containers that can appropriately accommodate your various belongings. For example, thicker, insulated boxes are better for fragile items such as glassware, artwork, and porcelain figurines. Smaller boxes are perfect for books and DVDs—remember not to make these boxes too heavy. Airtight, plastic containers are ideal for important paperwork. If you’re going to utilize a storage unit, pack your things so that they can be stored indefinitely.

Not Considering Your Pets or Plants

When you move, your pets and plants are going to have to move too. Be sure to make special arrangements when moving your pets and your plants.

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