What to Consider Before Buying a Tiny Home

Not everyone needs a giant house to feel successful or accomplished. There’s nothing wrong with wanting a big house, but tiny homes are trending because of the unique advantages they offer. Smaller spaces are easier to maintain and thus more efficient, saving you money and protecting the environment. Think about how your home life is now and how it will change with less space, and consider a storage unit in Mountain View, CA to keep clutter to a minimum. Here’s more on what to consider before buying a tiny home.


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A small home is easy to power. If your home’s appliances are responsible for heating, cooling, or lighting up the entire home, they’re going to have their work cut out for them. Small homes make things easier because there isn’t as much space to cover. Your HVAC and electrical appliances won’t have to work as hard to meet your needs, so you’ll save energy and extend their lifespans. Using less power is better for the environment too, which means you can feel good about your carbon footprint.

Home Life

Some people decide to downsize to a smaller home just because they don’t need the space anymore. If your children have grown up and moved out, there might not be a reason to keep paying for such a large space. If you are thinking about starting a family, on the other hand, you might need room to grow. People often choose smaller homes to change their family dynamic and experience more of what life has to offer. Rather than be constantly distracted by smart appliances, you can focus on your surroundings and bond with your children or significant other more readily.


A smaller home means less storage space, but you still have options. A storage unit lets you come and go as you please, so you can hold onto everything you owned in your big house without dealing with all the clutter. You can even start using the storage unit before you find your tiny new home, which can be a big help when moving day comes.

Mistakes to Avoid When Decluttering Your Home

Too much clutter can be an energy zapper. The chaos of an overstuffed home can up your stress levels and make you feel less in control of your life. Put yourself back in the driver’s seat by starting a decluttering project. Before decluttering, many people decide to rent temporary storage in Sunnyvale, CA, such as a portable storage unit. This is particularly helpful if you’re not sure whether you can give away, sell, or discard a large number of your possessions. Keeping them in a temporary storage unit gets them out of your home, and lets you decide what to do with them at your leisure. clutter - home

Avoid starting your project with a trip to the store.

It’s easy to get absorbed in the task of finding the perfect shoe organizer or the right size of plastic bins. But don’t start your decluttering crusade with a trip to the container section of a warehouse store. You’ll end up purchasing bins, cubes, and baskets that you might not necessarily need—and that might not fit into their intended spaces. Organize your home first, decide what to put into storage, and then figure out whether you need any boxes or tubs.

Avoid trying to do everything all at once.

Decluttering can take some time. Devote yourself to just one room at a time, and force yourself to completely finish that room before moving on. You might want to start with the most cluttered room in your home. This can give you an energizing feeling of accomplishment. If your messiest room is too intimidating, start with an easier area.

Avoid neglecting the kitchen or garage.

Because the kitchen and garage are purely utilitarian, it’s easy to miss them during a home decluttering project. Do take some time to sort through items in these places before you move your stuff into temporary storage. You might have an old fondue pot that hasn’t been used since the 1980s, or a superfluous quesadilla maker that a misguided, but well-intentioned relative gifted to you. If you can’t bring yourself to donate or sell these items, put them into storage. Similarly, garages tend to house lots of infrequently used items, like those downhill skis that are only used during your annual vacation. Your space can be put to better use, so tuck those items away in your storage unit.

Do Mothballs Repel Mice?

The long-term storage of your possessions can attract some unwanted guests. Mice will nibble on just about anything, so be proactive about protecting your stuff. Choosing a reputable storage rental company in Sunnyvale, CA is the first step toward ensuring your items will be in the same condition at the end of your lease as they were at the beginning. You can also take some precautions when you initially load your items into your storage unit, such as by using mothballs to discourage rodents.

Mothballs should ordinarily be used with caution, as they are toxic and will harm pets and children if ingested. Fortunately, this isn’t likely to be a problem in a storage shed rental. Place a few mothballs around the area, particularly where rodents might be able to enter. Bear in mind that the average mouse can squeeze itself through a hole as small as the size of a dime. Place a few mothballs near any cracks and vents, and scatter some along the inside threshold of the doorway.

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Professional Tips for Loading the Moving Truck

If you need to put some items into a storage unit in Mountain View, CA, you’ll probably need to rent a moving truck. First, protect your items. Use a mattress bag for your bed, and furniture wrap or padding on upholstered furniture. This will protect these items both during the move and while they’re kept in your self-storage unit. Non-upholstered furniture can usually be disassembled, and moved and stored in pieces. Protect table legs and bed rails by rolling them in rugs or moving pads.

Watch this video for more helpful tips on loading the truck. You’ll learn where to put fragile items and how to arrange heavy items in relation to lighter items. Moving large items into a storage unit rental is always easier with an extra set of hands. Bribe a friend to help you by offering to buy lunch.

The 3 Box Method of Decluttering

If you’re coming to realize that clutter is taking over your home, it’s time for a solution. The good news is that all you need is 3 boxes and a storage unit in Mountain View, CA. The 3 box method requires minimal materials and helps you take your home back. Through this system, you can find a home for all your belongings and enjoy your living space the way you had imagined it.

When you’re working on getting the clutter out of your home, it’s a good idea to start with 3 boxes. 1 of these boxes will contain the items that you hold onto, 1 will be for the items you want to get rid of, and the third will be designated for items that will go into your storage unit. As you go through each room in your house and start to clean up the clutter, you’ll come across some things that you know you want to keep around. You’ll also come across items that you’re sure you don’t need in the house. The storage bin is for items that you don’t necessarily need in your living space, but you don’t want to get rid of entirely.

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Top Tips for Banishing Back Pain During Your Move

There are plenty of stressors that might plague you as you move, and back pain doesn’t need to be one of them. If you want to avoid the unnecessary aftermath of a big move, you can always bring some of your belongings to a storage unit in Sunnyvale, CA. Make sure you use your legs rather than your back to lift the boxes, however, and ask a couple of friends for some help. A storage unit will only make it easier to go through the transition, so look at your storage options, as well. Here’s a closer look at the top tips for banishing back pain during your move: moving - box

Use Your Legs

There is a right and a wrong way to pick up a heavy item, and most people unknowingly go with the wrong way. If you want to spare your back, you should use your legs to pick up a heavy load. This means that you use your legs to push off the ground, rather than using your back to hold the item and lift it up. This can work wonders for your back, which is crucial because back injuries can sideline you and keep you out of work.

Ask Your Friends

When your task is to move some of your belongings to the storage unit, there is no shame in asking a couple of friends to help you out. This can expedite the process, and it can protect you from all sorts of injuries. When 1 or 2 friends are involved, you can get everything to your storage unit without any trouble. Your friends should also use their legs as they help you move your belongings, so pass on the knowledge when they accept your request for help.

Find a Storage Unit

A storage unit can be a fantastic landing place for the belongings that you’re not sure you should have in your new place. It’s also great for seasonal belongings like holiday decorations, which tend to spend most of their time in storage.

Getting Your Life Back on Track After an Eviction

Being evicted is a stressful experience, but it doesn’t have to define what comes next. Evictions happen to people despite their best efforts to avoid them, and when they do occur, moving forward is the best way to start getting back on your feet. If you have been evicted, a temporary storage rental in Sunnyvale can give you the peace of mind of knowing that your belongings are safe as you sort out your living situation. If you have been evicted, these steps will help you take the next steps to get back on track. home - eviction

Look for Temporary Housing

The first thing you need to do is find a place to stay while you are getting back on your feet. Family and friends can be a good option for some people. Residential hotels and shelters are other choices. Look for resources in your community for people who need temporary housing. Start with your local government benefits office to see if emergency housing is available in your community. Local churches may also offer housing or advice on where to find temporary housing in your area.

Protect Your Belongings

A major challenge after eviction is finding something to do with your belongings. There may not be room in your temporary housing for your items, and you don’t want to lose everything you have to start over in a new place when you are ready. A storage unit can be an ideal solution. Storage units can be affordable and will protect your property until you find a new, permanent home.

Deal with the Cause of the Eviction

If a job loss led to your eviction, start looking for new employment right away. Even if you can’t get a job in your field immediately, being employed will help you as you look for a new home. In some cases, a troubled relationship or breakup can cause an eviction. Work to resolve any issues that put your home in jeopardy so you can avoid the same problems when you move into a new place.

How Can Self-Storage Save Money?

Self-storage units offer many advantages, from helping you keep your home organized to giving you a place to keep your stuff when you’re between apartments or dorm rooms. One advantage that you may not have considered when looking into storage options in Sunnyvale is that self-storage can also save you money.

When you rent a storage unit, you have a designated place to keep things that you don’t always use, like holiday decorations, seasonal clothing, and your collectables, without having to find somewhere at home to keep them. As a result, you can opt for a smaller apartment—which means you can pay less rent. The savings can be significant, especially if renting a storage unit allows you to downsize from a two-bedroom unit to a one-bedroom apartment, because you no longer need the extra room for storage. The money spent on your storage unit will almost certainly be less than the difference in rent between the apartments you’re considering. Simply choosing a storage unit could leave you with extra money in your pocket each month, all for keeping your belongings more organized.

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Packing for Self-Storage? What Items to Leave Out of Your Unit

When you rent a self-storage unit, you will be able to organize and arrange your belongings according to your preferences. As you are figuring out which items to place in your storage unit near Sunnyvale, it is important to keep in mind that there are certain belongings that should never be put into storage. The staff at the facility can answer any questions that you may have about the dos and don’ts about packing for your unit. Read on for an overview of some items that are prohibited from being placed in your storage facility. packing - storage

Perishable Goods

Perishable goods are nearly always prohibited from being housed in a storage unit facility. Even if you plan on taking your perishable item out of storage before it expires, it is a better idea to avoid placing it in your unit in the first place. Food items, beverages, and pet food should always be kept out of storage. If you choose to store perishable goods, you may be faced with a nasty surprise when you open your unit in the future.

Hazardous Materials

When you are packing for self-storage, it is also important to make sure that you are not placing any hazardous materials in your unit. These materials are defined as any items that are flammable, toxic, or otherwise dangerous. Some examples of hazardous materials that are prohibited in storage units include gasoline, toxic chemicals, motor oil, and asbestos insulation.

Firearms or Ammunition

While it may be tempting to place your firearms in a secure storage unit, the storage of firearms or firearm ammunition is typically not permitted to be placed into storage. Storing ammunition or firearms could pose a safety risk to yourself, and any other person who is using the facility. If you are seeking a secure location to store your firearms, you may want to consider investing in a locked gun rack that you can keep in a safe place at home.

Surefire Strategies for Keeping Pests Out of Your Storage Space

  • Pests—like rodents and cockroaches—are more than a minor nuisance. They can cause a lot of damage and heartache, if they are not kept away from storage units. Rodents can chew through wooden furniture and clothing. Cockroaches and rodents can spread diseases through contact of their feces and urine. These pests should be kept out of your storage unit rental near Mountain View, CA at all costs. Read on for a few strategies that will prevent pests from invading your space.
  • Ensure there are no pests on your items before they are moved into your storage unit. If you do not thoroughly inspect your furniture and boxes prior to moving, then you may unknowingly bring in these pests.
  • Do not bring any living items, such as animals or plants, into your storage unit. Pests will be attracted to the scents and find their way into the unit.
  • Keep all items in airtight containers and cover furniture with hard, plastic tarps. These measures will prevent pests from invading your boxed belongings, since they may have difficulty crawling on plastic tarps.

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