Customizable Storage Billing & Payment Options in Mountain View

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the sheer volume of your belongings, consider putting some of them in a secure storage facility. You shouldn’t trust your precious items with just any self-storage facility—you should choose a facility that offers highly customizable storage services. Stowit Mini Storage is proud to provide customizable self-storage for Sunnyvale and Mountain View residents. Whether you plan to store your items for a month or a decade, we will gladly open our doors to you and your belongings.

Storage Factors to Consider

To get the best value, you should determine your precise storage needs and let the team at Stowit Mini Storage satisfy them. Here are a few factors you might consider.

  • Convenience: Once your items are in your self-storage unit, you should be able to access them at a time that’s convenient for you. Stowit Mini Storage is open every day of the year for your convenience.
  • Unit Size: Finding the right unit size is important for accommodating your belongings without paying too much. After determining which belongings you’d like to store, let the self-storage experts at Stowit Mini Storage recommend an appropriately sized unit.
  • Security: If you decide to trust your belongings with a self-storage facility, you should make sure they offer high-quality security. Stowit Mini Storage will keep your items safe in storage units with individual electronic key pads to ensure that you’re the only person who has access.

Customizable Billing Options

A lot of self-storage facilities will try to use gimmicks and hidden fees to get you to pay more. For example, some might try to charge you for insurance despite the fact that your homeowner or renter’s insurance already covers your belongings. Not Stowit Mini Storage—we offer customizable billing options to help you find the best possible value.

  • Adjustable Rates: We offer different billing options for clients who decide to stay with us for short and long periods. Also, we don’t have a minimum stay requirement for our clients.
  • Discounts: We like to reward our self-storage clients with various discounts. For example, our pre-paying long-term clients are eligible for great price reductions.
  • Refunds: After your first month, you can decide to leave at any time without any charge. In fact, we will offer you a prorated refund if you decide to leave before the end of the month with 10-days notice of move-out.

If you live in Mountain View or Sunnyvale, trust Stowit Mini Storage with all your storage needs. We are proud to provide our clients with convenient, secure, and customizable storage at a business that is locally-owned and -operated. Call our Mountain View office at (650) 961-7867 if you have any questions.

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Why Choose Us?

  • All Ground Level Units
  • All Units 10ft Tall
  • On-Site Managers
  • Electronic Key Pad Access
  • Customized Billing & Payment Options
  • Gate Open 7 Days a Week
  • No Hidden Fees
  • After the First Month, All Unused Rent Is Refunded With 10-days Notice of Move-out