Getting Your Life Back on Track After an Eviction

Being evicted is a stressful experience, but it doesn’t have to define what comes next. Evictions happen to people despite their best efforts to avoid them, and when they do occur, moving forward is the best way to start getting back on your feet. If you have been evicted, a temporary storage rental in Sunnyvale can give you the peace of mind of knowing that your belongings are safe as you sort out your living situation. If you have been evicted, these steps will help you take the next steps to get back on track. home - eviction

Look for Temporary Housing

The first thing you need to do is find a place to stay while you are getting back on your feet. Family and friends can be a good option for some people. Residential hotels and shelters are other choices. Look for resources in your community for people who need temporary housing. Start with your local government benefits office to see if emergency housing is available in your community. Local churches may also offer housing or advice on where to find temporary housing in your area.

Protect Your Belongings

A major challenge after eviction is finding something to do with your belongings. There may not be room in your temporary housing for your items, and you don’t want to lose everything you have to start over in a new place when you are ready. A storage unit can be an ideal solution. Storage units can be affordable and will protect your property until you find a new, permanent home.

Deal with the Cause of the Eviction

If a job loss led to your eviction, start looking for new employment right away. Even if you can’t get a job in your field immediately, being employed will help you as you look for a new home. In some cases, a troubled relationship or breakup can cause an eviction. Work to resolve any issues that put your home in jeopardy so you can avoid the same problems when you move into a new place.

How to Choose Your Moving Boxes

Moving can be an incredibly stressful time, but it doesn’t have to be. The trick to a smooth move is for you to be organized, to give yourself enough time, and to rent a storage unit at a reputable self-storage facility in Mountain View . One of the best ways to facilitate your move is to choose the right moving boxes for your things.

Not all boxes are the same. Moving boxes come in an assortment of shapes, sizes, and styles. Smaller boxes are perfect for packing books, CDs, kitchen items, and knickknacks. Medium-size boxes work for larger, and light, items like microwaves, boom boxes, dish sets, and toys. Large boxes are perfect for bulky items like bedding, pillows, and puffy winter jackets. Specialized boxes are available like wardrobe boxes, as well as boxes manufactured to move fragile items such as drinking glasses or valuable china plates.

If you’re still feeling confused regarding what moving boxes you should get, or with renting a storage unit, be sure to consult with your moving company or self-storage facility.

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The Right Way to Label Boxes for Storage

If you’re planning a move, or if you’re needing to store boxes at a self-storage unit in Sunnyvale, one of the important things you should be is organized! This means you need to know how to label your boxes properly in order for you to know where your items are when they’re stored. For example, use a permanent marker to create a basic list of contents for each of your moving boxes rather than just classifying them with general labels like “kitchen” or “bathroom”. Check out this fun and informative video to learn how to label boxes before you move them to your storage unit.

As a side note, be sure you do your research and rent a storage unit from a reputable and secure storage facility!

Packing Mirrors for Storage | Stowit Mini Storage

Mirrors can obviously be very fragile, so you need to pack them properly before you store them in a self-storage facility . Watch this video to learn the proper way to pack a mirror so that it’s fully prepared to be placed into a self-storage facility Mountain View.

There are special boxes made specifically for storing mirrors. You should purchase one to provide maximum protection for a mirror before placing it into a self-storage facility. You should also invest in bubble wrap and cover your mirrors with it. Finally, you want to be careful about where you put your mirrors in your self-storage unit and avoid placing other items on top of them. By being cautious, you will keep your mirrors safe and prevent damage to them.

Safe Ways to Pack Your Artwork for Storage

If you collect a lot of artwork, you might be nervous about storing it inside of a self-storage unit for an extended period of time. But don’t worry! As long as you are willing to pack your artwork away properly, it will be just fine inside of a storage unit. You will, however, need to take steps to protect it so that your artwork is not damaged. Before you decide to store artwork in a storage unit rental in Sunnyvale , you should learn how to go about doing it safely. Here are some tips. storage unit rental sunnyvale

Clean Your Artwork Before Storing It

Prior to putting your artwork into a storage unit, you should make sure that it is clean. Use a microfiber cloth to remove dust from the surface of your artwork and clean the frames that are housing any of your artwork at the moment. Additionally, wipe some oil on metal frames to prevent rusting from taking place. Do whatever you can to get your artwork as clean as possible so dust and other contaminants don’t do damage to your artwork in storage.

Cover Artwork in Plastic to Protect It From Moisture

When you put your artwork into a self-storage unit, you will probably want to cover it with a blanket or tarp to keep it safe. That’s not all you should cover it with, though, as wrapping artwork in a plastic bag is also a good idea. There’s a good chance your artwork won’t ever come into contact with water in storage, but just in case it does, you want to add an extra layer of protection so that it doesn’t encounter any moisture.

Find a Storage Unit That Is Climate-Controlled

Do you plan on storing your artwork at a storage unit that is situated in a climate that gets hot and humid? High temperatures could end up affecting your artwork if you’re not careful. Try to find a self storage facility that will be kept at around 70 degrees Fahrenheit at all times. This will prevent warping, fading, and even mold from becoming a problem.

Advice for Packing Your TV

One of the most expensive appliances in your home is your TV, which is why a secure storage facility in Sunnyvale should offer safe and climate-controlled storage units for all of your valuables. Only a well-managed and secure storage facility can ensure that your TV is protected from theft and the elements.

When you prepare your television for a storage unit rental, the first step is to get the right size of cardboard box. Next, flatten the box, and place the TV in the center of the flattened box. Tape the television’s cord behind it, then wrap the top of TV in bubble wrap. Fold the front flap of the cardboard box over the TV and cut and fold in the ends. Secure the entire box with tape.

Tips for Packing Your Breakable Items for Storage

After you have decided on a storage unit rental in Mountain View , it is time to get your items packed and organized so you can keep track of them while keeping them in storage. While the process can seem overwhelming at first, getting everything ready for your storage unit can be a quick and painless process with just a little bit of extra planning. As you get ready for your storage unit, keep these packing tips in mind.

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Consider Special Boxes

When you prepare fragile items for self-storage facilities, consider spending a little bit extra for specially made boxes. Many storage units sell boxes on-site, which saves you time and energy and also allow self-storage renters to pick up any last-minute supplies. Dish packs should be used for dishes, while boxes with separate spaces for different sizes can accommodate many sizes and shapes of glasses.

Protect Fragile Items

Packing delicate items does not necessarily need to involve packing foams, peanuts, and bubble wraps. The vast majority of fragile goods can and should be wrapped in plain newspaper. When you pack for your storage unit rental, use as much newspaper and tissue as possible, but never over pack a box. Even if you use boxes marked “dish pack,” be sure to write “fragile” on every box in heavy permanent marker, along with arrows pointing up.

Create Multiple Labels

While it may seem like a lot, storage facilities advise their renters to use hundreds of labels when packing up and moving. While you may plan to rent a storage unit for only a couple of months, the passage of even that amount of time can make it a struggle to remember what is inside each box. Using your computer and self-adhesive labels, identify each box by its exact contents and the corresponding room in the home. That way, you and your movers know which items are fragile and which are less likely to break.

How to Pack Book Boxes You Can Actually Move

If you’re planning on moving your weighty book collection into a storage facility near Sunnyvale or Mountain View , you’ll want to take care not to overload your boxes. Heavy boxes are not just difficult to move; they’re also much more unstable when stacked on top of each other in your self-storage unit.

Watch this video to find out how you can pack your books into boxes that aren’t too heavy to move into your self-storage unit. This is particularly useful if you don’t have a ground level storage unit, and may have to navigate heavy boxes into an elevator or even upstairs.

Avoid This one Weighty Mistake When Packing Your Books

The Right Way to Pack Your Boxes

Before moving your valuables into a storage unit in Mountain View , take the time to pack your belongings carefully and securely. A hasty, sloppy packing job will make items in your storage unit vulnerable to damage by temperature fluctuations, humidity, and pests. You should use plastic storage tubs whenever possible, as these tubs are safe from pest infestations and are easily stacked to create more room in your storage unit.

Watch this video for more great tips on the right way to pack up belongings to be stored in a self-storage facility. Do some research before packing to determine the best way to pack different materials, such as wood, fabric, and glass, to protect them from harm while in your self-storage unit.

How to Tape Moving Boxes

The Right Way to Pack Your Books for Storage

Packing up your books to transport them to your self-storage unit may seem very easy. After all, books are all roughly the same size and shape, and aren’t particularly fragile. If you’ve rented a storage unit from a self-storage facility in Sunnyvale , you may be interested in the right way to pack your books for storage.

Watch this video for valuable tips on how to pack up your books. Packing boxes that are too heavy can cause you to injure yourself. Stacking lighter boxes and heavier boxes together in a storage unit can create an unstable environment, leading to boxes that fall over and become damaged.

Avoid This 1 Weighty Mistake When Packing Your Books |