10 Biggest Moving and Packing Mistakes [INFOGRAPHIC]

Moving is a major undertaking, and for many people, a major source of stress. You can make your move a little easier by avoiding common mistakes that make moves go off the rails. Start off on the right foot by getting study boxes and all of the moving materials you might need. Sort through your belongings and decide what to donate and what to put in a storage unit before you pack. If your move is too big for a DIY job, hire movers well in advance of your date. Learn more about planning your move in this infographic from Stowit Mini Storage . Our self-storage facility in Mountain View can make your move easier by giving you a place to store items you don’t want to relocate. Contact us about storage unit rentals, including student storage options, and help make moving a little less complicated for others by sharing this information.

moving and packing mistakes infographic

Seasonal Decoration Storage Solutions [INFOGRAPHIC]

There’s nothing like seasonal decorating to brighten up your home. From colorful Christmas lights to spooky Halloween décor, seasonal decorating is fun and adds lots of character to your house. The problem with this kind of decorating comes in when it’s time to take your favorite home accessories down – where is all of that stuff going to go? A great solution for seasonal decorating junkies is a storage unit. With a storage unit, you can easily swap out your decorations on an as-needed basis while still preserving your free space at home. Get tips for storing your decorations in this infographic from Stowit Mini Storage, a self-storage facility in Sunnyvale . We can help you find the right storage unit rental for your needs, no matter how big your collection of seasonal décor is. Do you know someone who loves to decorate as much as you? Share this information to let them know how storage units can help.

Holiday Decoration Storage Ideas by Stowit Mini Storage

Moving Trends in the U.S. [INFOGRAPHIC]

Did you know that the average person moves 11.7 times during his or her lifetime? Whether you’re thinking of relocating because of your job or because you want to go from renting to owning, you could be one of the 43 million Americans who move every year. The recent economic downturn has affected people in a variety of ways, and many are searching for a new place to live that costs less than their current situation. West Coast cities, including Oakland, San Jose, and San Francisco, have the fastest-moving real estate markets in the country, while East Coast cities like Richmond and Hartford are struggling. No matter where you’re going or why, you’ll need a storage unit to help you transition to your new life. Explore this infographic from Stowit Mini Storage, a top storage unit facility in Mountain View, for a look at housing trends in the U.S. Feel free to share this with your friends and neighbors, and let us help you get a move on!

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