Professional Tips for Loading the Moving Truck

If you need to put some items into a storage unit in Mountain View, CA, you’ll probably need to rent a moving truck. First, protect your items. Use a mattress bag for your bed, and furniture wrap or padding on upholstered furniture. This will protect these items both during the move and while they’re kept in your self-storage unit. Non-upholstered furniture can usually be disassembled, and moved and stored in pieces. Protect table legs and bed rails by rolling them in rugs or moving pads.

Watch this video for more helpful tips on loading the truck. You’ll learn where to put fragile items and how to arrange heavy items in relation to lighter items. Moving large items into a storage unit rental is always easier with an extra set of hands. Bribe a friend to help you by offering to buy lunch.

Questions to Consider When Picking a Storage Unit

Whether you are a student who is getting ready for college, or you are planning to move into a new home, a storage unit rental may be the right choice for your needs. A storage rental company near Mountain View can help you pick out a temporary or long term storage unit rental for your boxes, paper documents, and bulky goods. Before you set up a rental agreement, you will want to make sure that you have addressed any questions or concerns that you may have about the storage rental process. storage - unit

What Types of Items Will I Be Storing?

In order to pick out a storage unit that is suited for your needs, you will want to make sure that you carefully consider the different types of items that you are going to be placing into storage. If you will be storing paper documents or fragile items, it is very important to make sure that you are renting a climate controlled storage unit. Storing very bulky items will require a storage unit that has additional square footage.

How Long Will My Items Remain In Storage?

As you are choosing a storage unit, you will also want to think about how long your stuff is going to be stored at the facility. For those renters who will only need a storage unit for a couple of months or less, temporary storage is a great option. Long term storage can be used to safely store boxes and belongings for a longer period of time.

What Types of Packing Materials Will I Need?

Moving items into a storage unit requires careful planning and preparation. As you are getting ready for storage, you will want to make sure that you obtain all of the supplies that are needed to pack up your items correctly. Some examples of commonly used packing materials include cardboard boxes, packing tape, and bubble wrap.

Which Size Storage Unit Should College Students Select?

When college students move away, they may have to look to student storage units to hold all of their items. Many dorm rooms and apartment buildings do not have the necessary amount of storage options to hold everything a college student may need to bring. Before renting a student storage unit near Mountain View, CA, there are a few ways to help determine what storage unit size a college student may prefer.

The basic storage unit size is typically 5×5, and this will hold about as much as a walk-in closet. These units are also 10 feet high, meaning that boxes can be easily stacked. If a student has more than the minimal amount of furniture and boxes, then he may look to the next sizes up. Storage unit sizes can fluctuate to accommodate however many items a student may bring with him, including furniture, boxes, a bedframe, and a mattress. The best way to select the right storage rental is to consider everything that will be stored. Once this is determined, the storage company can advise on the correct-sized storage unit.

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Keep Your Books Safe While in Storage

Books are among the items that are most commonly placed in self-storage units. When you are packing your books for placement in a storage unit near Sunnyvale, CA , you will want to keep several essential tips in mind so you can keep them in good shape. While books are being stored, they can be at risk of fading or developing mold or mildew. In order to protect your books from damage, you will want to store them in a clean, dry box. Each book should also be individually wrapped with newsprint or bubble wrap.

A storage unit rental is a fantastic space to store your extra books. When you rent a quality storage unit, you will feel great knowing that your books are being stored in a location that is dry, climate-controlled, and protected from the elements. A storage rental company can provide you with more essential tips to keep in mind when you are packing your books.

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What Size Storage Unit Do You Need?

Moving the belongings that you lack space for or use infrequently into a storage unit is a great way to make your home more comfortable and organized. While you may know that you could benefit from a storage unit rental in Sunnyvale, CA, you may not be sure about what size space to choose. Use the following guide to determine the right size storage unit for your needs: storage - unit - sizes


Among the smallest rentals available, 5×5 units can be compared to the size of a small closet. These spaces are ideal for storing seasonal sports gear, holiday décor, tools, or office furniture. Although small, these rentals are great for families who need a bit of extra space at home.


Similar in size to a walk-in closet, 5×10 storage units are popular among singles and college students. This rental type works well for storing belongings that would typically be found in a single bedroom, such as medium-sized furniture, mattresses, and bed frames. These units are frequently used to store goods during home or office remodels.


Often ideal for storing away a single person’s belongings, 5×15 units can hold the furniture of a bedroom, including a sofa and queen-sized bed, as well as plenty of additional belongings. Families in the midst of a move often choose this size when their new place isn’t yet fully usable.


When you have a lot to store, you may need something as large as a 10×10. These units are comparable in size to half of a standard garage and hold the furnishings of a living room or a couple of bedrooms.


Just under the size of a single car garage, 10×15 storage units can be used for storing large furnishings, family-sized sofas, big appliances, recreation equipment, and a significant number of boxes.


For anyone needing an extra-large storage space, 10×20 is usually sufficient. These units can often hold the belongings of an entire family. When a house worth of belongings needs to be stored, these are frequently the go-to choice.

Maximizing Your Storage Space

Choosing to move your extra belongings into a storage unit is a smart way to improve the function and comfort of your home. If you’re planning on taking advantage of self-storage in Mountain View, CA , creating a strategy will help you get the most out of your rental. Use these tips to maximize your rented storage space: storage - unit

Choose a unit size.

The first step in getting the most out of your storage unit is to choose a size that suits your needs. It’s not uncommon for people to over or underestimate what they will require, so take your time in deciding what you want to store and how much room the items will occupy. Also, if you plan to retrieve boxes or furnishing from the unit now and then, be sure that you choose a rental size that allows you easy access to each of your stored belongings.

Map out a plan.

Next, plan what will go where in your unit and what items you will box up together. If you show up at your storage rental and begin adding furniture to the boxes without a strategy, you are likely to end up with wasted space and a confused mess. Also, if you will be storing large belongings and furniture, draw a diagram of the unit and map out where these items will go.

Pack and label boxes.

After creating a plan, you’ll be ready to begin packing. Take the time to box items together that you’re likely to need simultaneously, such as various holiday decorations, summer pool gear, or types of sporting equipment. Before taping up your boxes, provide each of them with a descriptive label that’s easily visible and on multiple faces.

Stick to the plan.

As much as is possible, move your items into the storage unit while adhering to your original plan. This will help you fit all of your boxes and furniture in more easily and to retrieve them with a minimal amount of hassle when necessary.

Essential Moving Tips

When it comes to uprooting and transporting your belongings to a new home, proper planning and the use of storage rentals are often indispensable. If you’re looking into portable storage units near Sunnyvale, CA for an upcoming move, then watch the following video for some essential moving tips.

One of the best ways that you can prepare for a move is to declutter and get rid of as many of your belongings as possible. This step will make the move easier and will reduce your need for storage unit options. Also, avoid purchasing expensive packing supplies. It’s easy to acquire boxes by stopping in at your local grocery store, and your towels and rags can be used in place of bubble wrap.

Moving Heavy Appliances Safely

When moving your heavy appliances and furniture into your storage unit near Sunnyvale, CA , be safe and follow tried and true methods to ensure there are no injuries. To move these heavy items into a moving truck or storage unit, you will want an appliance dolly, adjustable straps, and another person to help.

Watch this video for an easy demonstration on moving a refrigerator into a moving truck. You will carefully slide the dolly under the appliance, and then wrap moving straps around it to keep the appliance in place. Make sure the straps are tight and any appliance cords are out of the way. With the help of another person, lean the appliance back onto the dolly and keep it in front of you as you move into the truck or storage unit. You will perform the same method when unloading your moving truck or storage unit.

Tips for Downsizing

There are several reasons to downsize your home. College-aged kids are moving away, you are looking for something inexpensive, or you realized that your family does not need that much space. No matter the reason, downsizing a large home down to a smaller place often calls for a self-storage unit. By renting from a self-storage facility in Sunnyvale, CA, you can relieve the stress of deciding what stays and what goes before the move. Continue reading for additional tips to help you downsize . moving-storage-units

Repurpose to declutter.

Instead of buying brand new items to fit your new home, see if you already have something that can be repurposed. Make a filing cabinet out of plastic containers, use extra sheets as a table cover or furniture protector, or make your small crystal glasses double as office supply holders. There are a variety of ways you can still use your current possessions without having to buy more and risk cluttering up your home.

Make sure there is a purpose.

Going into a smaller location, you will need to make some tough choices. Every piece of furniture or box of possessions needs to have a purpose in your new home. For example, you may have several end tables, but you only have room for two. Unless you want to donate or sell those end tables, stick them in a storage unit. Many people use professional storage services because they have extra furniture, clothes, and appliances that they are not ready to part with.

Talk to someone objective.

If you are on the fence about a piece of furniture or clothing, then ask someone who you trust can be objective. Or, you may be the objective person in the family. However you are able to downsize your house, try to not let many emotions get in the way. If something does not have a place in the house, but it still has a place in your heart, then stick it in a storage unit.

Planning a Move Into Storage? Be Sure to Check Out This App!

Moving can be very disorganized and chaotic—but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, if you use the Moving Day app for iOS, you can stay on top of the moving process.

With the Moving Day app, you can catalog all of your belongings. The app has a built-in barcode scanner and label maker—you can even print item labels with bar codes to help keep track of which room your possessions belong in. The app is AirPrint compatible, so you never need to plug it into a printer to print barcodes.

If you need a storage unit in Mountain View at some point during the moving process, be sure to contact Stowit Mini Storage. Our self-storage facility has a variety of secure storage units available at affordable prices.

Planning a Move Into Storage? Be Sure to Check Out This App! Mountain View Planning a Move Into Storage? Be Sure to Check Out This App! Mountain View