How to Prevent Stored Clothing from Yellowing

Storage units available in Mountain View, CA, are the perfect solution for cluttered homes. If you have lots of old clothing that you want to keep, but don’t wear often, you can free up valuable closet space by putting it into a storage rental. Before packing up old baby clothes, your wedding dress, and other sentimental clothing items, watch this handy tutorial on storing clothes properly to prevent yellow discoloration.

This home expert advises against using plastic bins to store clothing, as these containers can trap chemicals that cause discoloration over time. Instead, she recommends using archival storage boxes. First, launder all of the clothing on the double rinse cycle, and make sure it’s fully dry. Then, fold the clothing and wrap each individual piece in archival tissue paper, which is acid-free. Place the clothing in the archival storage boxes, and add a couple of layers of tissue paper on top. Then, you may add cedar chips, silica gel packets, or mothballs on top before packing the box away in your storage unit.

Preparing Upholstered Furniture for Long-Term Storage

Long-term storage options offer you an excellent way to hold on to your furniture while freeing up some space at home or going on an extended trip. If you’re interested in renting a storage unit near Mountain View, CA because you need a place to keep some of your furniture, then there are a few steps that you can take to prepare upholstered items before putting them in your storage rental.

First, give the furniture a good cleaning by treating stains, removing dirt and debris that has accumulated on the surface or under the cushions, and polishing metal and wood components. Next, consider disassembling the furniture, if possible, as this can make it easier for you to fit more belongings into your storage unit. However, if you can’t disassemble an item, then avoid positioning it other than how it should be used, for example, by standing a sofa on its end, as this may lead to damage of the upholstery. Finally, consider covering your upholstered furniture with plastic to help protect it from dust while in long-term storage.

Packing Upholstered Furniture

Prevent Musty Odors on Your Stored Clothing

It’s not unusual for clothing to end up smelling less than fresh after being packed away for an extended period. If you’re planning to get a storage rental in Mountain View, CA and plan to keep some of your clothing in the unit, then watch this video for advice on preventing it from developing musty odors.

The most effective thing that you can do to prevent clothing in your storage unit from smelling musty is to keep it in a sealed plastic tub, and the next best method is to store it in a plastic bag. To help keep your clothing smelling fresh while in the storage rental, consider adding essential oils, fabric softener sheets, or a sock filled with baking soda, talcum powder, or borax to the plastic container or bag.

Expert Tips for Protecting Your Stored Baseball Card Collection

When it comes to collecting valuable items like rare baseball cards, proper storage can be essential for preserving their worth. Are you planning to rent a storage unit near Mountain View, CA and would like to keep your baseball card collection in the space along with your other items? If so, then continue reading for a few expert tips on protecting your collection.

Use Plastic Sleeves Storing baseball cards

One of the best things you can do to keep each of your baseball cards in great shape is to store them inside of individual plastic sleeves. These protective, plastic pockets offer you an excellent way to safeguard your collection against things like scratches and creases. By placing each of your cards inside of a protective sleeve and then storing them in a hard case, you will have an effective and orderly way to shield your collection from damage while it’s in your storage rental.

Try Protective Pages

While individual trading card sleeves are a top pick among collectors when it comes to protecting baseball cards, using protective pages is also an option. Also, some people prefer pages to individual sleeves because they can be more affordable and easier to keep organized. Like sleeves, protective pages can also help shield your cards from damage and keep them safe while they’re in your storage unit.

Consider Toploaders

For anyone who is dedicated to keeping their baseball card collection in mint condition while it’s in storage, toploaders are prized. Like plastic sleeves and protective pages, toploaders can help guard your cards against damage. However, because these casings are semirigid, they offer even more protection.

Avoid Humidity

When it comes to preserving a baseball card collection, many experts will tell you that moisture is the enemy. Plastic sleeves, protective pages, and toploaders all provide a barrier against humidity for your baseball cards. However, to offer your collection even better protection, consider placing your cards in an airtight case or container before putting them into your storage unit.

Stretch Your Way to an Easier Move

Moving your things into a storage unit in Mountain View, CA requires some physical activity, and you might have to move objects that weigh more than you do. If this is the case, using the proper technique will help protect you from injuries. You can also reduce your risk for physical injuries in general by taking care of your body and staying in shape. Even simple stretching exercises can go a long way, so keep reading and stretch your way to an easier move.

If you want to make your move quick, easy, and comfortable, don’t forget to stretch before you get started. Your arms, back, and legs are the main players, give them the most attention. Air squats are a lot like the lifting action that you’ll be performing, and it gives you a good idea of what your posture should be like if you want to protect your back. Stretch out your lower back so you don’t develop pain that shows up after the move is done. Stay committed to stretching every hour or two throughout the day, and hold each stretch for about 30 seconds. For extra comfort, get a massage to heal up after the move.

stretching before moving

The Dos and Don’ts of Storing Your Comic Book Collection

Your comic book collection might be even older than you are, and it may fetch a pretty penny if you have the right editions. You have storage options in Mountain View, CA, and your diligence can preserve your collection’s value. Use bags for the individual comics and boxes for groups, but remember to keep them organized. Store your boxes off of the ground for extra protection, and if you use a storage unit, make sure it provides the right storage environment. Read ahead for the dos and don’ts of storing your comic book collection.

DO Use Bags and Boxes storing books

The condition of your comics makes all the difference in terms of its value. When you bring your collection to a storage unit, make sure each comic has its own bag. This helps keep each one in its current condition, so it’ll still be mint when you return for it. If you have a large collection, you can file your comics into boxes. Along with comic bags, simple storage boxes should be enough to keep your collection safe. However, you shouldn’t stack the boxes up too high. They might crumble over time, damaging the boxes that are lower in the stack. They could also fall over and spill your collection all over the floor.

DON’T Store on the Floor

You might think your comics will be safe if they start off on the floor, because that way they can’t fall down. The bad news is that the floor of your basement, garage, or storage unit can become a hazard when there’s a leak. If you have a flood or a plumbing leak and water spreads across the floor, it will damage the boxes and ruin your comics. Plan for the worst and stack the boxes up on milk crates to add some separation.

DO Consider the Environment

The environment where you store your comic books impacts the condition they’ll be in when you return. Make sure the storage unit you choose is clean and well-maintained, and consider the temperature of the space before you leave your beloved comics there.

Should I Keep Items My Baby Outgrows?

Babies grow so fast that it could seem like your little one is outgrowing something new every day. The question most parents have once babies outgrow items is what to do with them. In many cases, there are advantages to keeping baby items, especially if you free up space at home by putting them in a storage unit in Mountain View . Here are some tips for dealing with your pile of outgrown baby gear. baby - items

To Keep or Not to Keep

If you think that you will be having more children in the future, then keeping baby items is a no-brainer. You’ll be pleased to have hand-me-downs to help you mitigate the expense of a new baby when your next child comes along. Hold on to clothing that is in good condition, free of stains, rips, and other damage. You can also hang on to toys, bouncy chairs, and other things your baby uses but eventually leaves behind. Get rid of anything that is damaged, as you’re unlikely to want to make repairs when you pull it out of the storage unit for your next child.

Preparing Items for Storage

Before you put your baby’s items in a storage unit, make sure you have properly prepared them for storage. Toys, feeding items, and other similar items can be packed securely in a box without much preparation, expect for wrapping things that could break. Clothing requires more preparation. Launder all clothing thoroughly, and fold them neatly. Put clothing in protective plastic bags and store the bags in a larger, plastic container. Avoid vacuum-sealed bags for clothing stored in storage units, as they can encourage mold growth.

Before you move your items to storage, make sure everything is labeled clearly, so that it is easy to find when it is time to pull it out again. If you’re storing large amounts of baby items, group them according to their usage. For instance, create a box of board books, a box of feeding items, and a box of clothing, so that you can grab what you need easily.

How Can Self-Storage Save Money?

Self-storage units offer many advantages, from helping you keep your home organized to giving you a place to keep your stuff when you’re between apartments or dorm rooms. One advantage that you may not have considered when looking into storage options in Sunnyvale is that self-storage can also save you money.

When you rent a storage unit, you have a designated place to keep things that you don’t always use, like holiday decorations, seasonal clothing, and your collectables, without having to find somewhere at home to keep them. As a result, you can opt for a smaller apartment—which means you can pay less rent. The savings can be significant, especially if renting a storage unit allows you to downsize from a two-bedroom unit to a one-bedroom apartment, because you no longer need the extra room for storage. The money spent on your storage unit will almost certainly be less than the difference in rent between the apartments you’re considering. Simply choosing a storage unit could leave you with extra money in your pocket each month, all for keeping your belongings more organized.

storage - unit

Why Storage Is a Smart Answer for College Students

As the school year winds to a close, your college student may be preparing to come home for summer vacation. Rather than shipping dorm items back home for a few months, you may want to consider looking into your storage options near campus. A company that offers student storage units near Mountain View will typically offer great self-storage rates to college students during the summer season. Let’s look at why storage can be a terrific answer to the needs of college students: college - storage

Keeping Belongings Organized

When school is back in session in the fall, the last thing that your college student will want to have to worry about is organizing and repurchasing a bunch of belongings. With student storage, college students can make sure that their belongings are properly packed and organized before they take off for summer break. When they come back to school in September, their stuff will be properly organized and ready to be unpacked.

Ensuring Affordable Storage Rates

Many storage unit facilities offer affordable prices for college students who are looking for temporary storage over the summer season. Since many college students are on tighter budgets, a special student storage rate can make renting a unit more affordable. Ultimately, renting a storage unit for the summer will be less costly than shipping items home or having to purchase a whole new set of dorm items during the start of the new school year.

Achieving Better Peace of Mind

From textbooks and papers to winter clothes and more, there are many different types of items that your college student will want to keep and use during the next school year. Student storage will provide your child with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that his or her items are in a safe, secure location, throughout the course of the summer season. Your student storage facility will have 24/7 security, climate control, and other features that will keep your stored items safe.

Packing for Self-Storage? What Items to Leave Out of Your Unit

When you rent a self-storage unit, you will be able to organize and arrange your belongings according to your preferences. As you are figuring out which items to place in your storage unit near Sunnyvale, it is important to keep in mind that there are certain belongings that should never be put into storage. The staff at the facility can answer any questions that you may have about the dos and don’ts about packing for your unit. Read on for an overview of some items that are prohibited from being placed in your storage facility. packing - storage

Perishable Goods

Perishable goods are nearly always prohibited from being housed in a storage unit facility. Even if you plan on taking your perishable item out of storage before it expires, it is a better idea to avoid placing it in your unit in the first place. Food items, beverages, and pet food should always be kept out of storage. If you choose to store perishable goods, you may be faced with a nasty surprise when you open your unit in the future.

Hazardous Materials

When you are packing for self-storage, it is also important to make sure that you are not placing any hazardous materials in your unit. These materials are defined as any items that are flammable, toxic, or otherwise dangerous. Some examples of hazardous materials that are prohibited in storage units include gasoline, toxic chemicals, motor oil, and asbestos insulation.

Firearms or Ammunition

While it may be tempting to place your firearms in a secure storage unit, the storage of firearms or firearm ammunition is typically not permitted to be placed into storage. Storing ammunition or firearms could pose a safety risk to yourself, and any other person who is using the facility. If you are seeking a secure location to store your firearms, you may want to consider investing in a locked gun rack that you can keep in a safe place at home.