Preparing Upholstered Furniture for Long-Term Storage

Long-term storage options offer you an excellent way to hold on to your furniture while freeing up some space at home or going on an extended trip. If you’re interested in renting a storage unit near Mountain View, CA because you need a place to keep some of your furniture, then there are a few steps that you can take to prepare upholstered items before putting them in your storage rental.

First, give the furniture a good cleaning by treating stains, removing dirt and debris that has accumulated on the surface or under the cushions, and polishing metal and wood components. Next, consider disassembling the furniture, if possible, as this can make it easier for you to fit more belongings into your storage unit. However, if you can’t disassemble an item, then avoid positioning it other than how it should be used, for example, by standing a sofa on its end, as this may lead to damage of the upholstery. Finally, consider covering your upholstered furniture with plastic to help protect it from dust while in long-term storage.

Packing Upholstered Furniture

Expert Tips for Protecting Your Stored Baseball Card Collection

When it comes to collecting valuable items like rare baseball cards, proper storage can be essential for preserving their worth. Are you planning to rent a storage unit near Mountain View, CA and would like to keep your baseball card collection in the space along with your other items? If so, then continue reading for a few expert tips on protecting your collection.

Use Plastic Sleeves Storing baseball cards

One of the best things you can do to keep each of your baseball cards in great shape is to store them inside of individual plastic sleeves. These protective, plastic pockets offer you an excellent way to safeguard your collection against things like scratches and creases. By placing each of your cards inside of a protective sleeve and then storing them in a hard case, you will have an effective and orderly way to shield your collection from damage while it’s in your storage rental.

Try Protective Pages

While individual trading card sleeves are a top pick among collectors when it comes to protecting baseball cards, using protective pages is also an option. Also, some people prefer pages to individual sleeves because they can be more affordable and easier to keep organized. Like sleeves, protective pages can also help shield your cards from damage and keep them safe while they’re in your storage unit.

Consider Toploaders

For anyone who is dedicated to keeping their baseball card collection in mint condition while it’s in storage, toploaders are prized. Like plastic sleeves and protective pages, toploaders can help guard your cards against damage. However, because these casings are semirigid, they offer even more protection.

Avoid Humidity

When it comes to preserving a baseball card collection, many experts will tell you that moisture is the enemy. Plastic sleeves, protective pages, and toploaders all provide a barrier against humidity for your baseball cards. However, to offer your collection even better protection, consider placing your cards in an airtight case or container before putting them into your storage unit.

Should I Keep Items My Baby Outgrows?

Babies grow so fast that it could seem like your little one is outgrowing something new every day. The question most parents have once babies outgrow items is what to do with them. In many cases, there are advantages to keeping baby items, especially if you free up space at home by putting them in a storage unit in Mountain View . Here are some tips for dealing with your pile of outgrown baby gear. baby - items

To Keep or Not to Keep

If you think that you will be having more children in the future, then keeping baby items is a no-brainer. You’ll be pleased to have hand-me-downs to help you mitigate the expense of a new baby when your next child comes along. Hold on to clothing that is in good condition, free of stains, rips, and other damage. You can also hang on to toys, bouncy chairs, and other things your baby uses but eventually leaves behind. Get rid of anything that is damaged, as you’re unlikely to want to make repairs when you pull it out of the storage unit for your next child.

Preparing Items for Storage

Before you put your baby’s items in a storage unit, make sure you have properly prepared them for storage. Toys, feeding items, and other similar items can be packed securely in a box without much preparation, expect for wrapping things that could break. Clothing requires more preparation. Launder all clothing thoroughly, and fold them neatly. Put clothing in protective plastic bags and store the bags in a larger, plastic container. Avoid vacuum-sealed bags for clothing stored in storage units, as they can encourage mold growth.

Before you move your items to storage, make sure everything is labeled clearly, so that it is easy to find when it is time to pull it out again. If you’re storing large amounts of baby items, group them according to their usage. For instance, create a box of board books, a box of feeding items, and a box of clothing, so that you can grab what you need easily.

Three Signs You Could Benefit from Self-Storage

There are many benefits that come with self-storage near Sunnyvale, CA , such as increased protection of your belongings. However, you may not realize that you need the benefits of a storage unit until your home is full of clutter or your stored items become damaged. If your home is full of boxed and unused items or you are worried about fragile heirlooms, then you could benefit from using self-storage. Let’s take a closer look at the three signs that you need a storage unit. self - storage

You are running out of home storage space.

You may have closets, spare rooms, and a garage filled with old furniture, important files, and personal belongings. However, these spaces have other purposes, such as protecting your vehicles. You can declutter these areas, and free up more space, by renting a storage unit for your extra belongings. Self-storage units come in several sizes to fit your requirements, so you can store a few closets’ worth of items or an entire garage’s worth.

You are starting an at-home business.

At-home businesses are more popular than ever, because of advancing technology and social media platforms. If you are starting an at-home business, that requires lot of space for product, then you need different storage options. You may consider renting a storage unit for your extra inventory, or you can store your spare bedroom’s furniture to make room for your inventory or office equipment.

You are concerned for fragile belongings.

If you have fragile or valuable heirlooms, then you do not want them sitting in your garage where they can be easily damaged. You can use a storage unit to keep your fragile artwork or valuable heirlooms protected against accidents that could happen in your home. For example, items in your garage can be knocked over by a vehicle or destroyed by a burst pipe or flood. You can prevent these unforeseen accidents by storing your valuables in a safe and secure storage unit.

Tips for Packing Up Your Dorm Room

Leaving your dorm for the summer requires packing up all of your belongings and taking them home or putting them into temporary storage. As you can see in the short video, packing up your dorm room for your student storage unit in Sunnyvale, CA can be done with a few easy steps. Here are a few tips to help you quickly pack up your dorm room:

  • Store your original moving boxes under your bed. You can repack your belongings, and you won’t have to search for new boxes.
  • Be careful to not overload each box with heavy items. Heavy boxes could lead to damaged items during moving or while in your storage unit.
  • Keep the original boxes to your electronics and appliances. This will make storage and transport much easier.

Using Storage During an Office Transition

If you have started to find that your current office space feels cramped or cluttered, it may be time to transition into a new workspace. Rather than letting all of your office supplies and other items clutter up your workspace while you move, you might want to consider renting a temporary storage unit near Sunnyvale. Portable storage units can be brought directly to office building sites, and you may find that your temporary storage solution provides you with the space that you need to have an effective move.

There are a few ways that you can use storage during an office transition. While you are packing up your office, you can place any extra office supplies or other non-crucial items into your storage unit. A temporary storage unit can also be used to secure sensitive documents and other important items while you move. By placing your sensitive or valuable belongings into storage, you can rest assured that they will not be stolen or compromised during the hustle and bustle of the moving process.

office - unit

Your Guide to Packing and Labeling Storage Boxes

When you move a box of items into a storage unit, chances are that you will not review the contents of the box for months or even years after your initial move. As time passes, you will be more and more likely to forget the exact contents of each box in your storage unit. To get ready for a storage unit rental in Sunnyvale , it is a terrific idea to take the time to pack and label your storage boxes correctly. If you are gathering information for your upcoming move into storage, here is a quick guide to packing and labeling your storage boxes. labeling - moving - boxes

Pack Similar Items Together

Rather than attempting to fit many different varieties of objects into the same box, it is a good idea to make sure that the contents of all of your boxes share some similarities. For example, if you are packing up extra kitchen goods, you can organize your move by placing cups and glassware into the same box. Packing similar items together will save you stress and hassle when you are ready to move them out of storage.

Use the Right Packing Materials

While your items will be safe and protected once they have reached your storage unit, you will need to make sure that they do not become damaged during the move into storage. Any fragile items should be carefully wrapped in newspaper or bubble wrap before they are placed into a box. You can also use packing peanuts to fill empty space in a storage box.

Label Contents Carefully

Once you are done packing your box, you will be ready to give it a label. Ideally, your label should provide you with immediate information about the contents of the box. For added convenience, you can create a color-coding system that you use on the exterior of each box. You may also want to write down a comprehensive list of the contents of each box so that you will be able to unpack more easily.

Packing Mistakes to Avoid in Your Storage Unit

Packing is one of the most important steps of moving your belongings into a storage unit. When you take the time to pack and organize your stuff with the utmost care, you will have an easier time loading, unloading, and unpacking when the time comes. A company that offers self storage near Sunnyvale will be able to provide you with essential tips that will help you pack your boxes. To help you get ready for your upcoming storage unit rental, here is an overview of some packing missteps to avoid in your storage unit. packing - home

Neglecting to Obtain the Necessary Supplies

Before you pack a single belonging, it is necessary to stock up on all of the packing supplies that you will need for your move into storage. Along with an assortment of durable cardboard boxes, you will also need packing tape, waterproof markers, and bubble wrap or packing peanuts. If you neglect to get ahold of the necessary supplies, you may create additional stress and disorganization as you are packing.

Forgetting to Create a Labeling System

One of the best ways to make sure that you are able to easily identify the contents of a box is to create a labeling system for all of your boxes. If you pick up an assortment of brightly colored duct tape, you can choose a single color to use for each room in your home. Being able to identify a box by color will help you know its contents, without having to tear it open.

Mixing Delicate and Bulky Items in a Single Box

As you are packing up your boxes, you will need to arrange your items by type. If you place delicate glassware in a box that also contains heavy cooking implements, there is a good chance that your delicate items will break during transport. To avoid accidental breakage, it is a terrific idea to pack your delicate items together. You will also want to wrap any fragile belongings in plenty of packing paper or bubble wrap.

The Right Way to Store a Bed

Many people must store their bedframes and mattresses in a storage unit, due to downsizing or for a college-age child. Storing the bed correctly, though, can mean the difference between a bed that is sleep-ready or damaged beyond repair. Continue reading to learn the right way to store your bedframe and mattress in your self-storage unit in Sunnyvale, CA. bed - storage

Rent the Right Storage Unit

Depending on how long you plan to store your bed and mattress, you will need the right type and the right size of storage unit. There are many storage options available. To store a mattress long-term, however, it is best to look for a climate-controlled unit that is large enough to accommodate a mattress lying flat. Mattresses need a dry and climate-controlled storage unit so that mold and mildew do not grow in the fibers. You also need a large unit that will hold all of your items, the bedframe, and the flat mattress.

Disassemble the Bedframe

When you disassemble your bed, keep track of all of the components and hardware. If possible, hold onto the instruction manual to aid in disassembling and reassembling the bedframe. If you no longer have the manual, then take a picture of each component as you disassemble the frame. Group the same hardware together in sealed, plastic baggies to ensure you do not lose the nuts, bolts, and screws. Keep the bedframe pieces together and protected in your storage unit.

Store Correctly

In order to protect your mattress from damage, it is best to lay it flat on the storage unit ground. Lay blankets or use a mattress cover to protect the mattress from any dust or dirt in the unit. Keep the mattress flat instead of leaning against a wall to ensure that it does not become misshapen. Do not store any heavy objects on the mattress, either. This may cause the coils and material to prematurely weaken or become damaged.

How to Choose Your Moving Boxes

Moving can be an incredibly stressful time, but it doesn’t have to be. The trick to a smooth move is for you to be organized, to give yourself enough time, and to rent a storage unit at a reputable self-storage facility in Mountain View . One of the best ways to facilitate your move is to choose the right moving boxes for your things.

Not all boxes are the same. Moving boxes come in an assortment of shapes, sizes, and styles. Smaller boxes are perfect for packing books, CDs, kitchen items, and knickknacks. Medium-size boxes work for larger, and light, items like microwaves, boom boxes, dish sets, and toys. Large boxes are perfect for bulky items like bedding, pillows, and puffy winter jackets. Specialized boxes are available like wardrobe boxes, as well as boxes manufactured to move fragile items such as drinking glasses or valuable china plates.

If you’re still feeling confused regarding what moving boxes you should get, or with renting a storage unit, be sure to consult with your moving company or self-storage facility.

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