Preparing Upholstered Furniture for Long-Term Storage

Long-term storage options offer you an excellent way to hold on to your furniture while freeing up some space at home or going on an extended trip. If you’re interested in renting a storage unit near Mountain View, CA because you need a place to keep some of your furniture, then there are a few steps that you can take to prepare upholstered items before putting them in your storage rental.

First, give the furniture a good cleaning by treating stains, removing dirt and debris that has accumulated on the surface or under the cushions, and polishing metal and wood components. Next, consider disassembling the furniture, if possible, as this can make it easier for you to fit more belongings into your storage unit. However, if you can’t disassemble an item, then avoid positioning it other than how it should be used, for example, by standing a sofa on its end, as this may lead to damage of the upholstery. Finally, consider covering your upholstered furniture with plastic to help protect it from dust while in long-term storage.

Packing Upholstered Furniture

What Happens to an Ex-Tenant’s Abandoned Stuff?

When they have more things than they have space for, many individuals choose to rent a storage unit. However, taking advantage of self-storage in Mountain View, CA can also offer people a way to avoid losing their belongings when they need to move out of a rental property. Continue reading to learn what can happen when an ex-tenant abandons his or her stuff.

Abandoned Property What Happens to Abandoned Stuff in storage units?

The laws regarding the handling of a former tenant’s abandoned belongings can vary by situation and from state to state. For example, in some states, the laws for handling abandoned stuff can differ depending on whether the tenant left with or without notice. Additionally, in many locations, the situation that caused the tenant to leave can impact what can be done with abandoned items.

State Laws

In California, ex-tenants must claim their property within a specific timeframe. Otherwise, it is considered abandoned. If the ex-tenant does demand the return of his or her property in time, then they may need to pay a fee for the transportation or storage of the belongings. If you are concerned about claiming the items that you have left behind at a rental unit, then learn about your state laws or consult a lawyer. Alternatively, if you are planning to move out of your current rental unit but do not have a place to keep your stuff, then renting a self-storage unit may offer you an answer.

Storage Solutions

A self-storage rental unit is a space that someone can rent and use to store things like clothing, sports gear, furniture, and equipment. These rental spaces come in various sizes and offer storage solutions for people who need to move to a new home, downsize what they own, or simply keep their property safe. For these reasons, storage rentals can be great options for individuals who need to move out of their home but can’t take their stuff with them. To help avoid the chance of losing your belongings due to abandonment, consider taking advantage of a self-storage facility in your area.

Prevent Musty Odors on Your Stored Clothing

It’s not unusual for clothing to end up smelling less than fresh after being packed away for an extended period. If you’re planning to get a storage rental in Mountain View, CA and plan to keep some of your clothing in the unit, then watch this video for advice on preventing it from developing musty odors.

The most effective thing that you can do to prevent clothing in your storage unit from smelling musty is to keep it in a sealed plastic tub, and the next best method is to store it in a plastic bag. To help keep your clothing smelling fresh while in the storage rental, consider adding essential oils, fabric softener sheets, or a sock filled with baking soda, talcum powder, or borax to the plastic container or bag.

Expert Tips for Protecting Your Stored Baseball Card Collection

When it comes to collecting valuable items like rare baseball cards, proper storage can be essential for preserving their worth. Are you planning to rent a storage unit near Mountain View, CA and would like to keep your baseball card collection in the space along with your other items? If so, then continue reading for a few expert tips on protecting your collection.

Use Plastic Sleeves Storing baseball cards

One of the best things you can do to keep each of your baseball cards in great shape is to store them inside of individual plastic sleeves. These protective, plastic pockets offer you an excellent way to safeguard your collection against things like scratches and creases. By placing each of your cards inside of a protective sleeve and then storing them in a hard case, you will have an effective and orderly way to shield your collection from damage while it’s in your storage rental.

Try Protective Pages

While individual trading card sleeves are a top pick among collectors when it comes to protecting baseball cards, using protective pages is also an option. Also, some people prefer pages to individual sleeves because they can be more affordable and easier to keep organized. Like sleeves, protective pages can also help shield your cards from damage and keep them safe while they’re in your storage unit.

Consider Toploaders

For anyone who is dedicated to keeping their baseball card collection in mint condition while it’s in storage, toploaders are prized. Like plastic sleeves and protective pages, toploaders can help guard your cards against damage. However, because these casings are semirigid, they offer even more protection.

Avoid Humidity

When it comes to preserving a baseball card collection, many experts will tell you that moisture is the enemy. Plastic sleeves, protective pages, and toploaders all provide a barrier against humidity for your baseball cards. However, to offer your collection even better protection, consider placing your cards in an airtight case or container before putting them into your storage unit.

Dealing with Dust in Your Storage Unit

Just like your home, storage units inevitably build up dust. Unlike your home, you’re not in your storage unit in Mountain View every day, so you can’t do spot dusting on a regular basis. Fortunately, there are some easy strategies you can use to protect your belongings from dust while they are in storage.

The first step you can take is to organize your unit in the right way. Put pallets down to keep your items off the dusty floor, or put plastic sheeting down to add a layer of protection. Consider ditching cardboard boxes for storage and instead put things in airtight, plastic containers, which will let less dust inside. If you’re storing furniture, be sure to cover it with plastic sheeting to protect the fabric. Keep a set of cleaning supplies inside your unit, so you can wipe everything down to remove the dust each time you visit your unit.

keep storage clean

Planning Your Perfect Study Abroad Year

Studying abroad can be a life-changing experience, but preparing for your trip takes time and careful planning. Here is what you need to know about preparing for your year abroad, from applying for your passport to getting temporary storage in Mountain View for your belongings.

Apply for Passports and Visas Early preparing to study abroad

Getting the necessary passport and visas for your travel experience can be a lengthy process. If you have never gotten a passport before, you will need a birth certificate, two passport photos, a federal or state-issued identification card, a completed application, and your passport fee. To find out if you need a visa and what the requirements are to obtain it, visit the State Department website or contact an embassy of the country to which you are traveling. Getting these documents can take months, and you can’t travel without them. You can expedite the passport process for an additional expense, but you may not be able to expedite visa processing times, so plan accordingly.

Prepare Your Finances

For most destinations, you no longer need to convert large amounts of currency and can instead rely on debit and credit cards to make purchases and to withdraw cash in the local currency. However, you must notify all of your card providers that you will be traveling overseas and where you are going, so they don’t flag your international purchases as fraud and freeze your account. On the day you travel, bring a small amount of local currency with you in case you can’t immediately access an ATM.

Store Your Belongings

When you’re going abroad for a year, you can’t continue to pay rent on your room or apartment. When you’re in limbo in terms of having a stateside home, use a temporary storage unit to keep your belongings. Storage units are far more affordable than rent, and you won’t have to bug your family and friends to hold on to your items for you for a year. When you return home, all of your property will be in one location, ready for your next adventure.

Unsuccessful Estate Sale? Here’s What to Do with All That Stuff

Estate sales are a helpful way to clean out a property and liquidate the assets inside. Although estate sales can be a financial boon to the people who hold them, it’s common for there to be items that are left behind. If you hold an estate sale and find yourself with items that just wouldn’t sell, you have several options, including using a storage unit in Mountain View to keep the clutter out of the way. Here are some solutions you can consider for leftover estate sale items.

Talk to the Estate Sale Company Storage Unit in Mountain View

If you used an estate sale company to facilitate the sale, then they may be able to help you manage the leftovers. Some companies offer cleanout services, in which they take away the remaining items in your home. They may also have special arrangements with hauling companies in order to clean out your home for you, for an additional fee. Some estate companies will also transport items to other locations, such as a storage unit, on your behalf.

Donate It to Charity

If you have items that are in good condition, particularly things like furniture, then a charity may be happy to take it from you. Some larger charity organizations, such as the National Kidney Foundation, even offer home pickup services. Other groups, like Goodwill, accept deliveries at their locations. If you want to give the items to local organization, check with local churches and nonprofit thrift shops to find out if they accept the items you have and if they can arrange for a pickup.

Put It in a Storage Unit

Just because you don’t have room for something now doesn’t mean you won’t in the future, so keep items left after an estate sale in a storage unit until you’re sure what you want to do with them. You might be surprised to find out another family member eventually wants them, or you may decide you want that furniture or box of china after all. Putting the items in a storage unit gives you flexibility to decide what to do next without keeping the clutter around.

How to Cut Clutter by Renting a Storage Unit

If your household is like many others, you may find that it seems to naturally accumulate clutter and excess belongings. To clear out the clutter in your home once and for all, it is a great idea to rent a storage unit in Sunnyvale. Whether you choose a temporary storage rental while you are cleaning out your home, or you opt for a long-term storage unit to house your less-frequently used items, you are sure to enjoy the additional space that a storage unit offers you.

Storage units can be used to safely house many of the most common items that may be cluttering up your home and garage. For example, if your garage is filled with sports and recreational equipment that only gets used on a seasonal basis, you may want to think about placing these items into storage. Your storage unit can also contain your winter clothing, important documents, and any other items that you may only need to access a few times during the year.

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3 Factors to Consider When You Choose a Storage Unit

Picking out a storage unit is an important decision for any household. Whether you are seeking a temporary storage rental for your college student, or you are thinking of placing some items into long-term storage, it is very important to find a storage unit that fits your lifestyle and needs. With services from a company that offers storage options near Sunnyvale, you can create a customized storage plan that is suited to all of your requirements. Read on for a list of 3 factors that you will want to keep in mind when you are thinking of renting a storage unit. storage - unit

1. Convenient Accessibility

Accessibility is a key factor that you will need to keep in mind when you are selecting your storage unit. Both long-term and short-term storage units need to provide easy access whenever it is needed. Ideally, you should choose a storage facility that offers 24/7 access to its facilities. By offering around-the-clock access, a storage unit will show that it is committed to providing a convenient experience.

2. Security Features

When you place your items into a storage unit, you will be placing your trust in the storage unit staff to keep them safe while they are under their care. The perfect storage unit will be housed in a facility that offers state-of-the-art security features. Your storage unit should be guarded by professional security staff. Additionally, you may want to ask to rent a storage unit that comes with electronic key pad access.

3. Proper Sizing

A storage unit facility will often have several different sizes of units. As you are choosing a storage unit, you will need to think carefully about whether a large or small unit will be able to house all of your belongings. If you only have a few small boxes to place into storage, a smaller unit is probably the right fit. When you are gearing up to store an entire household’s worth of goods, a large unit may be necessary.

When to Choose a Drive-Up Access Storage Unit

Once you have chosen to rent a storage unit, you will have different storage options available. Depending on the size of the unit you choose, you may have the choice of a drive-up storage unit near Mountain View, CA. Let’s take a quick look at when you should choose a drive-up access storage unit.

Storage units with drive-up access are much more convenient during a moving process. You can drive your moving truck or a small vehicle in front of your storage unit and quickly unload your furniture and boxes. If you have large furniture or several items to store, then a drive-up storage unit will be the best choice. When you need a temporary storage rental—while you are hosting out-of-town family or a large party—then a drive-up unit will make your future trips much easier. You can easily move in and move out all of your items as you need. Speak with the manager of your storage rental company to learn more about why drive-up storage units are right for you.

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