Quick Tips for Planning Your Move Overseas

Living in another country is an enriching experience like no other, but getting there can be a logistical nightmare. Moving overseas is also expensive. Instead of trying to ship most of your stuff to your new home, visit a storage rental company in Mountain View, CA to check out the long-term rates . Self-storage options are far more cost-effective than international shipping. moving - overseas

Register with STEP.

Begin planning your international move as soon as possible. Some people start making arrangements nine to twelve months in advance. One of the first things you should do, as soon as you finalize your departure date, is to register with STEP. STEP is the U.S. State Department’s Smart Traveler Enrollment Program . It’s a free service that alerts the nearest U.S. Embassy to your presence in the foreign country. STEP is like a safety net. It lets you receive important safety alerts, and it allows the U.S. Embassy to contact you in case of an emergency, such as a natural disaster, civil unrest, or a family emergency.

Visit your doctor.

Schedule a check-up with your doctor or a travel medicine specialist, and let him or her know that you’ll be living abroad. Based on your new home’s location, your doctor will determine whether you need any immunizations. You can also receive information about any public health issues that might affect you, such as whether the water is safe to drink.

Take some language classes.

Even if you’re moving to a country where English is widely spoken, you may wish to take some language classes. Learning some basic phrases in French is helpful for relocating to Canada, for example. If English isn’t widely spoken in your new home, consider investing in a private language tutor to speed up your progress.

Rent a long-term storage unit.

Unless you plan to become an expat, there’s no need to ship a lot of your belongings to your new home. Find furnished accommodations, and leave your own furniture in self-storage. Look for a storage rental company that offers discounts for long-term customers who pre-pay. You’ll definitely want to pre-pay your lease, as it might be a hassle to deal with a monthly payment made from abroad. At least a few months before your departure date, start sorting through your belongings, and figure out what to take and what to put into the storage unit.

Self-Storage Basics

Not all storage options in Sunnyvale, CA are the same, but there are some guidelines that tend to apply to self-storage as a whole. Following these guidelines will help to keep your belongings safe, so when you return to them they will be just the way you left them. Watch this video on the self-storage basics.

Even if you plan everything out in advance, moves don’t always line up perfectly. If your new home isn’t quite ready yet, you might have to move some of your belongings into a storage unit. The whole process becomes easier if you understand self-storage, so you should know what to look for and how to use your unit. Make sure you choose a self-storage unit that has enough security to protect your belongings, and avoid facilities that try to give you hidden fees. You should also look for signs of pests and water damage.

Smart Lifting Strategies

When you’re moving items into a storage unit in Mountain View, CA , it’s important to lift boxes properly to avoid back injuries. Don’t let your move turn into a literal pain in the neck. Watch this video for advice on lifting heavy items safely.

Whenever you lift something, use your legs instead of your back. Keep your back and neck straight, and squat or kneel to grip the box. Use your legs to push yourself upward, keeping your back and neck straight. When you place the box into your storage unit, squat or kneel again. Before you try to lift anything, test the weight of the box, and if you think it could be too heavy, ask for help.

How to Cut Clutter by Renting a Storage Unit

If your household is like many others, you may find that it seems to naturally accumulate clutter and excess belongings. To clear out the clutter in your home once and for all, it is a great idea to rent a storage unit in Sunnyvale. Whether you choose a temporary storage rental while you are cleaning out your home, or you opt for a long-term storage unit to house your less-frequently used items, you are sure to enjoy the additional space that a storage unit offers you.

Storage units can be used to safely house many of the most common items that may be cluttering up your home and garage. For example, if your garage is filled with sports and recreational equipment that only gets used on a seasonal basis, you may want to think about placing these items into storage. Your storage unit can also contain your winter clothing, important documents, and any other items that you may only need to access a few times during the year.

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Three Signs You Could Benefit from Self-Storage

There are many benefits that come with self-storage near Sunnyvale, CA , such as increased protection of your belongings. However, you may not realize that you need the benefits of a storage unit until your home is full of clutter or your stored items become damaged. If your home is full of boxed and unused items or you are worried about fragile heirlooms, then you could benefit from using self-storage. Let’s take a closer look at the three signs that you need a storage unit. self - storage

You are running out of home storage space.

You may have closets, spare rooms, and a garage filled with old furniture, important files, and personal belongings. However, these spaces have other purposes, such as protecting your vehicles. You can declutter these areas, and free up more space, by renting a storage unit for your extra belongings. Self-storage units come in several sizes to fit your requirements, so you can store a few closets’ worth of items or an entire garage’s worth.

You are starting an at-home business.

At-home businesses are more popular than ever, because of advancing technology and social media platforms. If you are starting an at-home business, that requires lot of space for product, then you need different storage options. You may consider renting a storage unit for your extra inventory, or you can store your spare bedroom’s furniture to make room for your inventory or office equipment.

You are concerned for fragile belongings.

If you have fragile or valuable heirlooms, then you do not want them sitting in your garage where they can be easily damaged. You can use a storage unit to keep your fragile artwork or valuable heirlooms protected against accidents that could happen in your home. For example, items in your garage can be knocked over by a vehicle or destroyed by a burst pipe or flood. You can prevent these unforeseen accidents by storing your valuables in a safe and secure storage unit.

Tips for Maintaining a Pest-Free Storage Unit

It is crucial that your storage unit in Mountain View, CA remain pest-free, because it protects your items and those in the surrounding storage units. In addition to using a clean storage unit, you should keep your items safe in hard, plastic containers. Read below for more tips on maintaining a pest-free storage unit. storage - unit

Tip #1: Use Plastic Boxes

Use hard, plastic boxes whenever you store items, whether you use a long-term or temporary storage rental. Rodents can easily penetrate cardboard boxes with their sharp teeth. They will use the cardboard material and your storage as nesting material or food. Pack your clothing, linens, dishware, and knickknacks in hard, plastic containers. Rodents’ teeth cannot penetrate the hard plastic, so your storage items will be safe.

Tip #2: Wrap Upholstered Furniture

Use thick, plastic wrap to protect your furniture and large items that cannot be packed into a plastic container. The plastic wrap will help prevent rodents from crawling over your furniture. This will also prevent damage from rodent urine and feces. Plastic wrap may also deter cockroaches and other pests from crawling on your furniture, which will prevent more damage.

Tip #3: Inspect Storage Items

Ensure that you are not bringing any rodents or insects into your storage unit. Inspect every box, furniture piece, and item that you place in your unit. If there are signs of pest contamination—such as shredded materials, feces, or a distinct smell—then keep these items out of your storage unit. You may unknowingly bring a pest into your storage rental, and this can lead to an infestation of your unit and those surrounding it.

Tip #4: Clean the Storage Unit

Just as you should inspect your own storage items, you should inspect and clean your new storage unit. Check all corners for rodent feces, urine stains, and dead insects. You can clean the unit and spray it down with bug spray or a peppermint oil mixture. These liquids will deter rodents and bugs from entering your storage unit.

Answering Your Questions About Self-Storage

If you have been considering different storage options in Sunnyvale, CA, then you may have some questions about renting a self-storage unit. Storage rental company managers often receive questions about the items that can be stored and the safety of a storage unit. These are common questions posed by consumers like you. Continue reading to learn the answers to your questions about self-storage units. self - storage

Why should I choose self-storage?

There are several reasons to choose a self-storage unit. Keeping your house decluttered and free of large furniture and seasonal items are some of the most important reasons. There is no reason to pack your garage or closets full of boxes when you have a storage rental company down the street. You may also choose temporary storage when out-of-town family stays with you or you are hosting a large party. If you need to create more room in your home, then renting a temporary storage unit is a quick and affordable option.

How safe is my storage unit?

Storage rental companies strive to keep their facilities and individual units as safe as possible. You can rest assured that your storage unit will be completely safe, because only you will have the code to your unit’s individual electronic keypad. In addition to individual safety, the storage facility employs on-site managers who keep a close watch on the security of the entire facility. If you have further concerns about the safety of your items, then you can invest in insurance that will protect your investment in the event of damage or theft.

What items can go in a storage unit?

Almost any item can go into your storage unit. You can store clothing, furniture, kitchen items, decorations, office supplies, and tools. You may not store animals, plants, or food. These items can attract rodents and insects. If you have concerns about what items you can and cannot store, speak with your storage rental company’s manager.

Simple Home Decluttering Tips

When you are getting ready to move or expand your family, you may need to make more space. Decluttering your home and using a temporary storage rental near Sunnyvale, CA are great ways to make more room. Watch this video and read below to learn about different decluttering tips and storage options .

  • To declutter your clothes, use a temporary storage bin to hold the clothes you are unsure about keeping. If you find that you need an item, then pull it out and add it to your closet. If you haven’t used certain items after a couple months, then donate them.
  • You can use the same technique for your kitchen items. However, some seasonal items can go into a storage unit to access later.
  • If you need to move furniture for a brief time, then add the pieces to your temporary storage rental until they can be moved back.

Why It’s Beneficial to Have a Ground Level Storage Unit

When you are seeking a storage rental company in Sunnyvale , you will want to find a facility that offers ground level storage units. By seeking out a ground level storage unit, you can save yourself time and energy during your move into storage. There are many benefits to having a ground level storage unit. A storage unit that is located on the ground floor of a building can be easily accessed by your moving van. On moving day, you will be able to move your boxes and other items directly from the van into your unit.

Along with providing better accessibility, a ground level storage unit can also keep you safe as you move. Your ground level unit will cut down on the distance that you have to carry your boxes, so you can avoid straining your back or experiencing some other type of injury. Before you rent a storage unit, it is a great idea to make sure that it is on the ground level.

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Using Storage to Keep Your Office Organized

For many individuals, everyday life can be busy and hectic, and tight schedules can allow clutter to build up at home and in the office as well. If your office is becoming overrun with items that you don’t use on a regular basis, then consider taking advantage of self-storage in Sunnyvale, CA.

Having an organized workspace can benefit you in several ways. First, a clean, comfortable, and neat looking office can give a better impression to your managers, subordinates, clients, and customers. Also, streamlining your work area by moving any extra items into storage can help you work more efficiently. For these reasons, you can benefit from using a storage rental for any clutter in your office.

Renting a storage unit offers people an excellent way to keep their belongings orderly. By having a location to store furniture and office items that aren’t in use, you can enjoy a more organized work environment and additional space for your essential items.

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